Things Under £20 To Up Your Swag This Weekend

Our Fashion Editor Lauren Reed picks out 5 items you can pick up on your way home from work that wont break the bank but can help you break some hearts.

Crop Top - Topshop £20.00
Crop Top – Topshop £20.00

Where bondage meets typical night out wear. This top will add that extra leather strap to let the boys (or ladies) know what’s going to happen when you get home.

Crop Top - Urban Outfitters £19
Crop Top – Urban Outfitters £19

Give the crowd a peak of your nips with this crop top from Urban Outfitters. Slap on the fake tan to make this lime green colour pop and get all the attention you deserve.

Tube Skirt - ZARA £15.99
Tube Skirt – ZARA £15.99

Wear this tube skirt from Zara if your bum is your asset. Wear with a white crop and some fresh trainers and shake what you’ve got. Or you could pretend you have class and put on some heels!

Skirt/Top - ZARA £17.99
Skirt/Top – ZARA £17.99

This co-ord is perfect to play the adorable card but if your broke just go for the skirt. Short enough to flash a little cheek but still makes you look sweet and innocent. A perfect combination to pull.