Design Butler: A Simple Service to Design

It’s safe to compare the way information is taken in, without taking the time to digest in-between, to eating persistently without ceasing. Do we really need all these conveniences? This kind of non-stop information makes life more complex. A selfie worth 500 retweets disappears and is forgotten in it’s equal in minutes – is the concept of longevity still valid in the minute by minute digital world? It is when the digital becomes the physical. There’s an admirable irony in the ability to use the source of informational excess as a focal point for achieving clarity and simplicity.

Tell us a little about the genesis behind “DesignButler” where did the name stem from?

It came about after watching the Dark Knight trilogy. I would like to be what Alfred is to Bruce Wayne/Batman in the design perspective. A servant of design. Serving good design to the masses.

Was illustration your initial onset with art?

Yes it was, most artists learn to use a pen / pencil before using any other medium, it’s just a natural process for me to start from there.

CORRESPONDENCE marks your first solo exhibition as an visual artist away from your acclaim as a graphic designer. Do you recall anyone in particular who played a significant role towards the support and encouragement of your artistic career?

I remember when I first started illustrating, I didn’t take it very seriously back then until someone very dear to me got a tattoo of of my work on their skin. Then I realised that I may have stumbled onto something.

How has CORRESPONDENCE marked a progression in style or growth for you as an individual?

CORRESPONDENCE is the first step of me bring my work from sharing it digitally to the physical realm. I wanted people to come and experience my world and the way I saw it. It could also be described or compared to my first demo mixtape, sort of stating like “hey, here are the ideas that I have and this is what I have been able to do on my own, would you be interested?”

What are the perks and disadvantages of hosting and curating your own exhibition as a new artist?

The main disadvantage is that you have to pay for everything, it’s very hard to get sponsorship if you’re new to the industry but at the same time you have control over everything, you don’t have to do any product placement or having to slap a corporation logo all over your exhibition. You’ll be delivering your art in its purest form.

Your newest body of work highlights the fragility of women’s bodies and across social media, the contemporary woman is almost always the protagonist of your older works. Do you have a muse?

I am inspired by the modern independent woman. A woman that is not bound by society rules nor standards of beauty. A free spirit.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.08.23

Do you ever create a piece with a particular audience in mind?

The short version to this answer is no. I try not to be prescriptive with the message I’m conveying, its more of an open invitation to the viewer to interpret it in their own way.

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

I’m currently looking into artists that use science to make art, its termed Bio Art. I think its a really cool approach to make science less “boring” I suppose.

What’s next for Design Butler?

Replica c/o Design Butler, a collection of objects. August 2016.

A limited edition of original pieces and prints from the artist’s debut exhibition CORRESPONDENCE are available online for purchase: 

Luciana Garbarni (@LucPierra)