The LUVVU Mirror: After Nyne Meets…LUVSENSE

We recently announced our partnership with seductive new brand LUVSENSE London. On Friday 21st August they revealed their unique new bedroom accessory, the LUVVU mirror at Sexhibition. We caught up with Directors and Founders of LUVSENSE london Neil and Elizabeth to find out more about their exciting new product…

Tell us about the LUVVU mirror- where did the idea come from and how does it work?

We knew that adults have long enjoyed using mirrors to watch themselves and their partners being intimate, and also that a mirror on the ceiling provides a really captivating reflection. However installing a ceiling mirror is a daunting process, and having a permanent fixture isn’t always going to be desirable. This is why we created LUVVU, the world’s first mirror for lovers. It has been beautifully designed to enhance pleasure and bring new depths to intimacy. The mirror part is made from acrylic so it’s both lightweight and shatterproof, it’s fully adjustable for height and angle, measures 70cm in diameter and is reversible with a conventional or red tinted reflection, allowing for a range of enhanced viewing options. When it’s not being used the LUVVU mirror can be simply removed and discreetly stored.

How long has it taken you to get to where you are now?

The concept was Neil’s idea and he actually mentioned it the night we met, which was in 2010 in Glastonbury. After a while we started talking about its potential and looking into whether there was anything else like it. After we found out there wasn’t we spent the following five years developing the idea and also our brand. It’s been a both an interesting and challenging journey. We’re delighted with the result and have been very lucky to have the support of very talented and genuine people along the way.

What about the LUVSENSE brand- what does it represent and what’s next?

LUVSENSE london is a sophisticated yet playful brand, dedicated to creating beautiful lifestyle accessories which enhance the sensual side of sex. Obviously the LUVVU experience is about seeing intimacy, in the future we are planning to bring out further LUVSENSE products for the other senses. We’re delighted to have our partnership with After Nyne and looking forward to announcing more details soon about how we will celebrate our launch in London.

The LUVVU mirror is available to purchase from and costs £285.00