BLOOM: Emily Soto’s Petzval Portraits

An accomplished fashion photographer and one of the top requested names by fashion editors, Emily Soto is known for her distinct visionary and timelessly romantic style characterized by the evocation of an emotional response in viewers of her work.

In her latest venture, Soto presents a new series of photographs, shot exclusively with the Lomography Petzval lens, renown for their innovative recreation of the classic 19th century portrait lens and immediately recognizable for their super-sharp focus areas and wonderful swirly bokeh-effect. Emily captures a handful of serenely seated women, seemingly in a state of dreamy languor as they hold a bouquet or single flower demonstrating the continuing fertility of the floral image and perhaps the continuity of their own growth and Bloom as women.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 13.27.57

Lomography Gallery Store in Soho will play host to Emily’s until 10th September.

Lomography Soho
3 Newburgh Street


Lomography Gallery Store Soho until 10th September.