American Apparel’s latest Ad Girl is NOT what you’d expect! 

Smashbox UK

In their latest reaction to the H8erz (because let’s face it – ASA pissed on all our parades) American Apparel have pulled their latest ad girl fresh from the Forrest, MEET BUTTERCUP! 

Buttercup is a 23 year old three fingered Bradypus sloth from Costa Rica – and we love her. She might not be as Sultry as the other ad girls we’ve seen but the poses are certainly on point (and she hasn’t had her nipples photoshopped!)

Buttercup is the brands latest attempt at pushing ECO fashion – and let’s face it when you’re covered in fur you don’t really have to wear a lot (totally Eco friendly!). Buttercup also has a secret but we don’t find that out until April 22nd – long.

So, are Bradypus sloths set to replace the bare-breasted tween trend, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

*awaits call from the Sloth Advertising Standards Authority*



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