Goodyear Announces Official UK Fashion Line Launch

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The iconic and globally renowned American heritage brand Goodyear has launched its line of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories into the UK Market.

The Lifestyle Clothing line draws on the Goodyear brand’s successful research and technical expertise as well as its rich heritage and storied past to offer distinctive and stylish clothing.

The Casual and Fashion Vintage collections are enthused by the unique brand’s rich heritage and American roots while the Outdoor and Sport collections are inspired by the core Goodyear brand’s attributes of technical innovation, durability and weather-proof performance.

The Goodyear Lifestyle Program, which includes an extensive range of quality clothing, footwear and accessories, offers unparalleled comfort, combined with impressive modern design and style.

Goodyear began making Footwear in 1901 and the soles of their products share the same high quality rubber used for making Goodyear tires, ensuring that grip, traction and durability have been central to the design principles of the footwear.

The Goodyear Clothing Line is available from select UK retailers from this month.