Female Turkish Artists on Show in Mayfair, 16th – 30th March

With the valuable contributions of Efes Pilsener Beer, the works of five Turkish artists will be exhibited at the NG Artworks Gallery in Mayfair, the heart of London, from March 16th to March 30th.

The exhibition will host the works of five female artists known for their achievements in their fields, is taking his name from the Andromeda constellation that contains the Galaxy with the same name, which is the most distant celestial body that can be seen from the World with naked eyes.

Senur Bicer will participate into the exhibition with her works of Sumi-e, ink art on paper, which are demonstrating the most beautiful examples of her creative and tasteful approach to this art.

Painter Renan Ertosun will take part in the exhibition with a selection of “speed” themed works created by emphasizing the flow of time.

The sculptor Nilay Ozenbay, who benefited from the identity and facilities of the material while shaping the changing movements of the mass, will participate in the exhibition with sculptures that the object with perception content reflects the way it takes in the form-concept voltage.

Aysegul Hotic, emphasising the harmony of hot and cold materials in its designs, will exhibit its decorative objects, which are also produced with different materials, which are very artistic as well.

Nihan Yardimci Cetinkaya is known for her works that she has given to contemporary art by using many different materials from aluminum to cement, from wood to stove paint. Will be able to see the light box work from the Renaissance’s Secret Memory series of the artist who was invited to the Florence Biennial in 2015 and Miami Art Basel in 2019.

The Andromeda Turkish Artists’ collective exhibition can be visited at NG Artworks Gallery in London until March 30th, following the opening cocktail on March 16th.


4 Mandeville Pl, Marylebone,

London W1U 2BG, UK

Image: Nilay Ozenbay