After Nyne x ArtBAB: Nine Minutes with Nanne Dekking

Nanne Dekking is the Founder & CEO of Artory, New York and the USA Chairman of the Board of TEFAF.  He is participating in the ArtBAB talks programmed, in partnership with UNFOLD Art Xchange.

Nanne why was it important to you to take part in the 2019 edition of ArtBAB?

It promises to be one of the most ambitious gatherings of Fintech and Blockchain specialists, AI and VR enthusiasts, and leading specialists from the art world under one roof, ever.

What was your knowledge of the Bahrain arts scene before you agreed to take part in ArtBAB?

 In all honesty, apart from the Albareh Art Gallery, I don’t know very much about the Bahrain arts scene. I have read and heard many wonderful things and I’m looking forward to seeing it for myself.

What can you tell us about the activities you’re going to be involved in while you’re there?

As with every conference, even when there are great panel discussions and lectures, the one-on-one conversations with people you’ve never met are the most important gains on days like these. I am not usually afraid of competition, so I don’t hold my cards too close to my chest. There are endless ways to make what we do individually more meaningful by collaborating with others.

You’re famously Chairman of TEFAF. What are your favorite things about this role?

My chairmanship of TEFAF ties in completely with Artory’s mission. The art market is relatively small and can only grow by attracting new buyers who typically don’t feel comfortable entering this world where so much seems to be based on trust and being an insider. The best way to attract new buyers is to explain how they can buy with confidence. TEFAF’s most stringent vetting procedures in the world, we have almost 200 independent specialists studying every object and checking provenance, give that confidence.

Which artists (Bahraini or otherwise) are exciting you at the moment?

Please ask me this again after my trip to Bahrain, I’m very excited!

What do you think is Bahrain’s role in the international arts scene?

Being at the crossroads of so many cultures has always made this part of the world so exciting. Although an ancient culture, Bahrain is relatively new in the global art scene. This enables Bahrain to look at art in a less traditional western-centric way. When I was appointed Chairman of the Board of TEFAF I said in my first big interview, “there should be less secrecy about everything”. The art market needs to become more transparent, less opaque, much more embedded in modern technology, which is already the norm in other industries. That could make Bahrain really stand out in the international arts scene.

What are you most looking forward to about ArtBAB 2019?

 I’m looking forward to meeting extraordinary people from so many different backgrounds who all share a forward-looking vision for the art world. 

Image of Nanne Dekking c/o Bodine Koopmans