Bahrain Art Week 2018: Nine Things You Need to Know

Accumulation: Legacy and Memory will bring the best of contemporary and modern art from Bahrain to London for the third edition of Bahrain Art Week in London.

Showcasing and celebrating Bahrain’s rich history as one of the oldest contemporary cultures in the Middle East, Bahrain Art Week in London will provide a platform for Bahraini artists to expand their international influence through London’s dynamic art scene, prior to the launch of the Art Bahrain Across Borders 2019 fair.

Here’s nine things you need to know:

  • Accumulation – co-curated byArtBAB director Kaneka Subberwal and Amal Khalaf of the Serpentine Gallery – brings together works by 11 Bahraini artists whose practices address subjective experience, memory, notions of progress and the inevitability of decay. The exhibition is a meditation on the historical legacies of Bahrain from traditional crafts, industry and pop culture to modernism’s forms, including art and architecture. The encounters that unfold through videos, paintings and sculpture draw links between the concepts of legacy, memory and value.
  • The works reflect the aesthetics of change and progress within multiple modernities and histories of Bahraini society, the development and influence of the oil industry, the growth and decay of an urban centre and aspirations to progress. The artists in the show span a number of generations of Bahrainis who are witnesses to many histories and changing perspectives.
  • The exhibition will present works by: Aysha Al Moayyed, Hala Kaiksow, Othman Khunji, Balqees Fakhro, Marwa AlKhalifa, Dawiya Al Alawiyat, Faiqa Al Hassan, Mohammed Al Mahdi, Nabeela Al Khayer, Taiba Faraj and Salman El Najem.
  • Many of these artists’ works address the movement of human civilization through rapid development. For example, the paintings of Balqees Fakhro, Faiqa Al Hassan and and Salman Al Najem explore new visual tendencies inspired by symbols and ancient civilizations whilst creating new portraits of society.
  • Marwa Al Khalifa’s works are a meditation on histories of agriculture and its place in contemporary culture. Traditional crafts are appropriated by the weaving practice of designer Hala Kaiksow and the work of Dawiya Al Alawiyat. Histories of craft practice, traditions and technology are active in the multi-disciplinary works of Othman Khunji.
  • Contemporary conceptual works by Taiba Faraj, Aysha Al Moayyed and Mohammed Al Mahdi use both abstracted forms as well as pop culture references to question historical narratives and interrogate new identities and cultures that emerge from a post-oil generation.
  • Bahrain Art Week aims to strengthen creative links between the UK and Bahrain, promoting cross cultural dialogue. The exhibition serves to introduce art collectors and enthusiasts to the talents and vision of Bahrain’s artists.
  • It comes under the Art Bahrain Across Borders initiative which takes the art of the artists of Bahrain across borders around the world. Strengthening Bahrain’s position in the Gulf as a regional arts hub, ArtBAB aims to inspire entrepreneurship, art education and the development of local skills.
  • The fair will take place from Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th March 2019, under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, President of the Supreme Council for Women.


Accumulation: Legacy and Memory Bahrain Art Week in London 2018

Alon Zakaim Fine Art, 5-7 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD

Wednesday 21st – Wednesday 28th November 2018