Rankin presents Graham Fink – Duets – Recalibrating The Forces of Duality, Annroy Gallery

On the 19th July a new month long exhibition by multimedia artist and creative – Graham Fink will open at Rankin’s Annroy Gallery in London.
The new show entitled Rankin presents Graham Fink – Duets  – Recalibrating The Forces of Duality.
Artist and creative Graham Fink has collaborated with Shanghai fashion designerZiggy Chen on the new collection’s visual identity that references dualities within people and places. Fink reconfigured his imagery to create an immediate duality that occurs in any given situation – evoking our tendency for interchangeability based on external conditions and environments. Multiple exposure in the images creates a complex layering effect that builds on a shared interest of fusing history, memory and time into one single aesthetic vision.
After living and working in Shanghai for 7 years – where Chen’s studio is still based – Fink has now moved to London. Both artists are constantly inspired by the beguiling duality and changing nature of the city – east and west, tradition and modernity, past and present.
Chen creates unisex designs that are sartorially engineered for full anatomical comfort and conformance to the nuances of different individual bodies, whilst Fink, previously Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy China, is a multimedia practitioner working in the fields of photography, film, painting, drawing and technology.
Rankin, who is hosting the exhibition in his gallery, says:‘I love new and interesting ideas in all forms of art, and I’m a fan boy of anyone who is doing something new and doing it well – it’s safe to say that Graham Fink and Ziggy Chen have both of these quotas in the bag. It’s conceptually nuanced, visually fascinating and I’m really proud to have this work in my gallery!’
Rankin Presents Graham Fink: Duets
20/07/2018 – 24/08/2018
12.00 – 19.00 Monday – Friday
Annroy Gallery, 110-114 Grafton Road, London, NW5 4BA