Detlef Aderhold Unites Elements of Human Experience in Work for Art Below Summer Exhibition

Detlef Aderhold, the German abstract artist,  is taking part in the Art Below Summer Show at the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair from 26th June to 1st July. This exciting event is curated by Ben Moore founder of Art Below and Aderhold is one of 25 artists that are being challenged to make work on the theme of the ‘Digital Age’ to go on show at Herrick Gallery.

Each artist has been issued with a blank canvas (50cm x 60cm) courtesy of Cass Art ‘to voice and document their current relationship and place in the digital age and to channel their feelings and emotions about this rapidly changing time that we are living through’ Ben Moore, Curator.
Detlef’s work ‘Whispers 2’ has been photographed and will be printed as a billboard to go on display at Hyde Park Corner Tube Station from 18th June for two weeks.

All finished canvases will go on show at Herrick Gallery from 26th June to 1st July running through Mayfair Art Weekend when there will be planned talks by established artists and leading professionals in tech and digital media to explore and discuss the work and the ‘Digital Age’ theme.

When Detlef is in his studio he is working on four or five pieces at the same time. At some point one of these becomes his main focus. until he really feels it has good ‘Gestalt’. Hearing music while painting is very important to him it puts him in a creative mood!. Mostly he listens to jazz such as ”Steve Lehman Octet” Math Core eg ”Architects” but also ”The Mars Volta”, ”Slipknot” or ”Enter Shikari”

His ambition is to attempt to bring together those aspects of human experience which might seem irreconcilable through his work. Cacophony and silence, chaos and order, gentleness and ferocity. The pre-representational emotional quality of colour is fundamental to the mood of the image. Dynamism is a product of dissonance and is – whether in the clash of acid green and crimson or in the visual clamour of hectic mark making against a tranquil stain. These kind of dissonances bring to the fore a visual representation of his search for order in a seemingly disorderly world.

If he could own a piece of artwork it would be a painting by Jens Ferdinand Willumsen ”Bergsteigerin” 1912 which fascinates him. The composition of unusual colours and the figure of a woman in front of a chain of mountains is wonderful. On the subject of artists he admires he says that many artists are impressing him so he does not have a favourite. At the moment he especially likes Daniel Richter’s and Peter Doig’s work because of the ambiguity of their paintings. He also finds the variety of Pablo Picasso’s and Gerhard Richter’s oeuvres outstanding.

Mostly he works with acrylic paint and lacquer but sometimes he incorporates impressions made with everyday objects such a bicycle chains Lego pieces or model-train tracks- as well as natural materials- such as sand, pine needles and stones- to further develop the composition. He lays these on the wet ground (often coffee) of the canvas before introducing the selected colours onto the canvas. These objects and materials press their way into the ground and later into the paint. In this way the impressions then form the additional structure alongside those of the flowing paint.

ART BELOW Summer Show
Herrick Gallery Mayfair
93 Piccadilly, London
26 June – 1 July 2018
Private View: Tuesday 26 June 6-9pm
Mayfair Art Weekend Gallery Hop: Friday 29 June 6-8pm
Gallery opening times: 11am-5pm daily