Young Masters Prize Shortlisted Artist Amartey Golding’s New Exhibition at Attenborough Arts Centre

Is it just me, or is it you? Attenborough Arts Centre premiers Amartey Golding’s largest solo show to date, offering an honest and self-implicating observation on contemporary British culture.

Multimedia artist Amartey is fast attracting the attention of the international arts scene, becoming renowned for his supercharged, super sleek moving image and photography work. From April until June 2018, Attenborough Arts Centre will premier Is it just me, or is it you? Amartey Golding’s largest solo show to date, with a body of work that has taken him two years to complete.

Attenborough Arts Centre will premier two new films as part of Golding’s trilogy of films collectively known as Chainmail (2016-18). The first film of the series Solomon (2016) forms a loose portrait of Golding’s younger brother, the first black British male dancer of The Royal Ballet. In an abandoned building, Solomon’s face and body is clad in intricate chainmail garments weighing in at 65kg. Functioning throughout the exhibition as prop, costume and metaphor, Golding’s chainmail is the product of intense labour, each chain formed by hand.

“I started making [the chainmail] when my godson lost two close friends to knife crime in separate, unrelated incidents within a week. I started looking at chainmail as a protective precaution for the people at risk, with the arduous task of making it becoming a mourning process.” – Amartey Golding.

The material historically symbolises both life and death; by protecting the life of the wearer, it enables them to take the life of another. Chainmail comes to act as double-signifier as a vehicle for exploring brutality and beauty.

Is it just me, or is it you? premiers at University of Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre in Association with Young Masters. The Young Masters Art Prize operates as a not-for-profit initiative of the Cynthia Corbett Gallery, and is recognised as an exciting, high profile international competition that is highly innovative in its concept – to recognise contemporary art that embraces its past.

14 April – 7 June 2018

Attenborough Arts Centre
University of Leicester, Lancaster Rd, Leicester LE1 7HA

Image credit: White, Pink and Red Flowers © Amartey Golding, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery