Crude Metaphors: A Highlight on Storytelling as the Original and Deepest Creative Act

Pictures and photography, I believe, were always a way of transmitting stories. I also believe, the drawings and inscribings on cave walls that we once assumed were purely symbols of rituals and acts of worship, were in fact, the primordial form of story telling.

When pictures meet words, stories become alive. From the life of a female bounty hunter to a world of artificial intelligence and the discovery of a father’s suicide, Crude Metaphors transports us on five compelling journeys through the words and images of ten different creators.

The limited edition collectors box of five books brings together an unapologetically bold reconciliation between the worlds of photography and fiction writing, pairing a photographer and a writer to produce a narrative, written in response to a chosen series of images. Mayumi Hosokura pairs with National Poet for Scotland Liz Lochhead on ‘Topiary,’ while one of the 21st century’s mode crude photographers Roger Ballen meets Adam Ganz on ‘Elemental.’

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The collection was published to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Crude Metaphors, a prominent and celebrated section of HOTSHOE magazine since 2005, also including works by contemporary landscape photographer Todd Hido, Edgar Martins, and Esther Teichmann.

CRUDE METAPHORS is in stock now available for purchase:

Luciana Garbarni