KYKO releases stunning new single ‘Pull Me Up’

Singer-songwriter KYKO, otherwise known as Scott Verrill was raised in the depths of South London and although young, has a talent that is far beyond his years. Fusing melodic guitar rhythms, with a soulful vocal tone and a whole lot of spirit, 19 year-old KYKO is creating something special, something fresh that’ll prick up ears everywhere.

Having impressed with his debut EP ‘Animals’, racking up over 1m plays across all platforms, KYKO has returned with new track ‘Pull Me Up’ ahead of further announcements for 2016. ‘Pull Me Up’ follows in a similar vein to his previous releases boasting infectious vocal and feel-good guitars, creating a sound you’ll struggle to rid from your head for some time.

KYKO has tapped in to a indie-pop sound that is extremely popular right now, but there’s an idiosyncrasy to his music that reassures us that he has the talent and drive to gain global recognition. His sense for making memorable melodies is alluring and his DIY approach to creating his music makes it all that more admirable.