One To Watch | The Wasted Youth | Michelle O Faith

We’ve featured this wonderful lady on our playlist back in the summer, and yet again she hasn’t failed to deliver.  Her new video for ‘The Wasted Youth’ came out yesterday, produced by As A Button is incredible.  The video covers a whole load of issues, show casing O Faith surrounded by rose petals (and looking insane) then cutting to gritty scenes of riots and the lady herself strutting her stuff in a graffiti filled underpass.  Here’s what she had to say:

“The phrase ‘The Wasted Youth’ is an oxymoron in itself. The term “Youth” draws to mind notions of innocence, and purity – something beautiful, and untarnished, and non-jaded. “Wasted”, on the other hand, invokes images of something spoiled, or decayed – or undergoing a process of ruin. I wanted the song’s accompanying visual to reflect these two parallels. Thus, I decided the video’s narrative would be centred around two main setups –  the first a representation of youth, the second a representation of its decay. First up, and representing “youth”, is the rose petal scene. I knew I wanted it to be visually stunning – a visual feast, of sorts; with bright, saturated colours, a soft light, and aesthetically pleasing visuals. There is an element of excess to it – decadence, almost. Because the youth of today are excessive – everything we do, we do too much of.

Then, in stark contrast, there is the outdoors scene. Me roaming/running through the graffiti-ed underpass, and surrounding council estate. It’s grittier; with moments of grainy, black and white footage; more muted colours; less pretty – though I do wear a gold, silk, gown-type dress, as I loved the contrast it created.. how it looked almost out-of-place in the setting. This scene is a representation of the decay of youth.

The Wasted Youth is an anthem for today’s generation. It is about being hopeless, whilst remaining hopeful; having your head in the clouds, whilst having big dreams; having no money, whilst living like a rockstar; feeding into the stereotype, whilst going against the grain; working underpaid jobs – whilst working overtime, as your own boss, in order that you might one day be your own boss; having the world at your feet, whilst the entire world is against you; seeing the ugly side of life, whilst remaining indescribably beautiful. “My generation’s a bad lot..” I sing. We’re also one hell of a lot. The Wasted Youth.”

We can’t wait for the next installment in the Michelle O Faith story!
Video Production Credits:


As a Button Productions

Directed by Rachel Clarkstone

Director of Photography Jack Joy

Based on a treatment by Michelle O Faith.