Meet Your New fashion Essential…The Lisa Lemon Hands-Free Bag

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It’s a skilful designer who is capable of designing a bag that is stylish, yet practical. It’s also a skilful designer who is able to take a much-derided fashion item – bags to be worn around the waist – and make it a must-have fashion solution.

That’s why we were thrilled to meet Lisa Robertson, founder of Lisa Lemon,  who has done just that. The Lisa Lemon hands-free bag has given us a reason to reconsider the concept of the ‘bumbag’ and crave it for our very own.

Searching for your keys, purse, phone at the bottom of your bag will become a distant memory. Picking up on the trend for ‘smaller is best’ and finding nothing on the market like it, Robertson set about designing her own version. She says

‘We all experience those occasions where it would be really helpful not to have to think about holding on to a handbag. Everything around us seems to be getter smaller, more stylish and convenient – mobile phones, computers and tablets with the exception of the means to carry all of our essentials around stylishly and securely.’

Having been involved in the design industry for many years, Robertson approaches design as a way to solve problems relating to our ever-busier lives.

‘Our lives are so busy and anything which helps to alleviate daily stresses with the added bonus of looking good has to be the way forward’ says Robertson.

But how to set about rehabilitating the ‘bum-bag’? For Robertson, the belt was the starting point

‘The belt was the main issue I had with the old style bum bag, then the fabric and the zip top, so pretty much the entire product failed on every level as a stylish accessory. The belt design on the Lisa Lemon bags is an integral part of the product.

The trims on the belts are also part of the overall styling, I wanted the fastening/extending of the belt to be exposed, therefore they had to be considered when coming up with the final designs. We use simple, contemporary Italian trims that do the job perfectly and look and feel beautiful.’

And as always..materials count. Robertson wanted the hands-free bag to be a premium product that looked more beautiful as it aged. So leather was the way forward

‘We use the best quality Italian vegetable tanned leather with centuries old processes that are kinder to our environment than the chrome tanning process.’

And as with all the best brands, sustainable fashion is key to the Lisa Lemon brand. Explains Robertson

‘Sustainable fashion, supporting our economy and pushing the boundaries by turning a once humble product in to a chic style icon are what motivate me.’

As important to Robertson as sourcing quality materials is the fact that, in the manufacturing process taking place in England, the Lisa Lemon brand is supporting the local economy.

As dedicated to detail as she is far-sighted, Robertson is involved every step of the way, even down to paying factory visits to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regard to the finished product.

Asked to name the ideal celebrity client for the Lisa Lemon bag, Robertson names globetrotters at the forefront of their game – Amal Clooney, Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, David Beckham and Harry Styles’

A stylish solution for busy lives….we couldn’t ask for more.

Claire Meadows

All Lisa Lemon products are available on the website

Lisa Lemon also selling into a number of select, design led boutiques and stores, details of these will be available on their web site.

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