“Everything is Energy” – Chris Levine’s ‘Angel Presence’ art installation in collaboration with Swarovski

Tucked to the side of Frieze, the Danish Church at Regent’s Park was illuminated with Chris Levine’s stunning ‘Angel Presence.’ The artist’s mesmeric light and sound installation instantly transforms the church into a meditative space, where Swarovski crystals refract light of vibrant colour that travels through and around you. This holistic experience is enhanced through a melodic soundscape where you enter transcendental consciousness, an experience of innate divinity.

Throughout his artistic career Levine has worked with light, creating innovative installations around the world, and beautifully transforming spaces through kinetic energy where one experiences inner stillness. Known to be a pioneer in the field of light art, Chris and Swarovski’s first ever collaboration project took place in 2004 – a light installation in partnership with David Collins for Salone de Moible entitled Satellite.

Levine states, ‘Angel Presence’ is “a thing of light, a thing of beauty, a thing of wonder,” and this certainly captures what you see, hear and feel whilst at the church. To achieve this, Levine uses laser light and a Solfeggio inspired soundscape that takes you to a spiritual bodily and mental space, a meditative experience.

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However, to enter this peaceful state, one must engage with the surroundings to see the angel appear. Personal interaction makes the experience beautifully intense as you enable yourself to see pure colour and hear harmonious sound in the presence of an angel. Levine says through this unfamiliar mode of seeing you orientate yourself with what is real; he could not be more accurate.


Lily Bennett

All images: Andrew Atkinson

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