Luciana Garbarni Appointed As New Editor Of After Nyne

It has been announced today that Luciana Garbarni has been appointed as the new Editor in Chief of After Nyne. 

Ms Garbarni, who joined Nyne Enterprises as Arts Editor in October 2014, will be responsible across the spread of After Nyne Magazine and its companion site After Nyne Online. 

Founder and current Editor in Chief Claire Meadows, who appointed Ms Garbarni to her new role, says of the decision

‘I extended the offer to Luciana three weeks ago, and I am happy to say that she has accepted. She has presented me with a four-month forecast for After Nyne that has completely blown me away. 

These plans have reconfirmed my belief that Luciana is one of the most instinctive, visionary and dedicated editors I’ve ever worked with. I’m extremely excited about the coming months.’ 

Ms Garbarni, an arts graduate and independent curator, will take up her new role on November 30th and will be overseeing an ambitious overhaul of the brand’s online presence from Dec 31st to Feb 2016, during which time the site will be taken offline. 

Stepping back from frontline operations on the site and magazine will allow Ms Meadows to focus on managing brand relations, overseeing the magazine’s shift into print this month and work on building up the curatorial portfolio of Nyne Enterprises Ltd.

This includes the company’s month-long residency at The Exhibitionist Hotel in Kensington in November which Ms Garbarni is curating.

Ms Meadows will also be working on developing the portfolio of Plain Paper Productions, the theatre company she founded this year with producer and director Robert Beck. 

All requests for more information should be forwarded to Claire Meadows at or  at +44(0)7539 483 061