18 CARROT Beer and Pizza from Four Hundred Rabbits

Recently opened 400 rabbits serves up the most delicious sourdough pizzas nicely adding to the food scene in crystal palace. I’ve got a big space in my heart for pizza and it probably makes up about 60% of my diet (which is okay because it contains all the food groups). So whenever a new pizza place opens I’ll take any excuse to check it out which inevitably led me to 400 rabbits last week.

Before I jump into the food it’s worth a quick side note in explaining their name, just in case you’re as intrigued as I was. It’s actually quite straightforward. Thousands of years ago the Aztecs worshipped a God of fermentation and a Goddess of alcohol. According to Aztec lore, these two deities got it on and the results of this union were no fewer than 400 Rabbits! This bumper brood of bunnies then proceeded to have a good time all the time and what else would you expect given their parentage! Fast forward to the present day and without alcohol and fermentation we wouldn’t have beer or pizza hence the restaurant was named in honour of the 400 Rabbits.

The atmosphere in 400 rabbits has a great buzz to it. I went with After Nyne music editor Lulu Jones who gave a big thumbs up to the playlist. After the friendly staff had seated us we got down to choosing our pizzas. I went for the Ibeirico chorizo, pickled chillis, tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza and Lulu chose piquillo peppers, Lilliput capers, goats cheese, pimenton, mozzarella and basil. The sourdough base gives the dough a deeper flavour whilst keeping a light texture and the toppings were tasty and fresh. They actually state that their toppings will follow the food seasons closely so the freshest ingredients will be used all year long.

It doesn’t stop at the pizza. For those with a sweet tooth there is a selection of Soho created Gelupo Gelato to choose from. Me and Lulu definitely have a sweet tooth and decided to indulge further in salted caramel, chocolate and hazelnutty goodness. Our ice cream sundaes flavours were selected after deep consultation with the staff because it was impossible to choose from all the flavours. They are big on beers too, they have 4 artisan beers rotating on tap and 6 in bottles. You can also find London’s cheapest Negroni (which is a selling point in itself – it’s even aged in an oak barrel). They also offer coffee from Allpress, a London based roaster, alongside a range of cold-pressed juices from Peckham.


My only concern was that I have mixed feelings towards places that don’t take bookings, however, four hundred rabbits make this easy to deal with as they use a nifty app called Qudini where it takes your name and number so you can pop off to the pub while you’re waiting. More beer, perfect!

With very reasonable prices After Nyne recommends 400 rabbits as the perfect place for a weeknight dinner with friends or a date.


Olivia Reed