Enough About You by Einat Amir – What Becomes of Relationships in Their Most Organic State?

TRIAD presents ‘Enough About You’ : a participatory performance and installation by Jerusalem-based artist Einat Amir. Concerned with the new implications of virtual socialising, Amir aims to create ‘authentic’ encounters between strangers through a lab-like performance. Participants and viewers are faced with constructed circumstances in order to interact with one another. The performance is in collaboration with the MAXXI Museum, Rome and Lilith Performance Studio, Sweden.

Enough About You explores relationships in their most organic state, revealing how individuals relate to one another when confronted with a constructed reality, as strangers become intimate and viewers become voyeurs. It is inspired by the impact of virtual socialising and the instant intimacies offered in modern times. Amir blurs the boundaries between performance and authenticity constructing lab-like circumstances in an attempt to test the limits and relations between two strangers in an intimate situation.einat_6_big

The work is a product of Amir’s interest in human behaviour and the universal experience of building social relationships. Her work allows participants to test their own limitations, confronting them with decisions to make about how much or little they reveal about themselves.

The performance consists of three soundproof booths placed in the gallery space. A maximum of 15 people at a time are directed into the performance. Pairs are then led into narrow rooms by a host and asked to respond to a pre-recorded conversational structure from the artist, provoking emotional responses that build a bond between the two.einat_6

The spectators who are not chosen to go into the booths stand against the entrance wall, observing those within, through a glass window. Every movement, facial expression, and emotional shift of the room is completely exposed, but not a single word or sound can be grasped from the outside. The piece takes into account different levels of cooperation from its participants, the arising social dilemmas become interesting to watch from the outside, evoking simultaneous emotions from the viewers.
In a world where we have the ability to prejudge a stranger long before we make contact, Amir looks to create ‘authentic’ and universal encounters in an immersive environment dedicated to the analysis of human behaviour.

Enough About You was first produced in 2011 at Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö, Sweden. This performance signals the beginning of ongoing collaboration between TRIAD, Lilith Performance Studio and MAXXI Museum, which will see the performance move from London to the MAXXI Museum in Rome, in February 2016.einat_1

Dates: 9 – 18 October 2015

Venue: TRIAD, 28 Field St, London WC1X 9DA

Timings: Performances run for fifteen minutes, twice an hour. Performances begin on the hour and every half hour. Each performance requires a minimum of 10 participants. This performance is for those over the age of 18.

Opening Hours: 10am – 2pm and 4pm – 7pm daily

On Friday 9 October the performance will run from 10am – 2pm

Free Entry