Happy International Coffee Day!

Happy international coffee day! Any opportunity to celebrate the fuel that keeps us going all day and with approximately 400 billion cups consumed each year clearly the love is shared. However what’s often less clear is the ethics of your coffee and where it’s come from. So to help you celebrate this day with us here at After Nyne we thought we’d let you know about a few coffee brands we use to help look after our mornings and the planet.


CRU Kafe:

Great for those with a Nespresso machine trying to find alternative capsules. Created by three coffee enthusiast friends in 2013, CRU Kafe is an exciting new brand, challenging the ethics and sustainability of coffee giants like Nespresso by using only the best high altitude, organic and fair-trade coffee, resulting in a blend unlike any other. The unique grounds are then packaged inside eco-friendly Nespresso compatible pods and delivered straight to your door. Easy!

You can choose from five blends: Light Roast (a delicate blend of 100% Arabica beans with hints of biscuit and caramel); Dark Roast (a stronger blend for those who like a rich flavour. Using only the best quality and high altitude Arabica beans from Brazil, Peru and Ethiopia); Intense (a concentrated dark roast espresso, full bodied and powerful in flavour); and Decaf (delicate and sweet in the cup. The bean has a well-rounded taste, but with reduced caffeine).

They only work with specialised producers and farmers from Ethiopia, Peru, Mexico, Tanzania and Indonesia. All partners employ traditional, certified organic farming methods, harvesting and processing the beans in an eco-friendly fashion. They share CRU’s belief that a love of coffee and a respect for the planet need not be mutually exclusive. As a result, all of CRU’s coffee is 100% natural and free from any chemicals or fertilisers.



Pact Coffee:

Pact coffee believe in making it easy for you to get your hands on top notch beans from some of the best growers in the world. Their head of coffee travels the world to find the best beans. While he’s away he meets with farmers and tastes hundreds of different coffees. Pact look for incredible beans that they can buy year after year. This puts forming friendships with farmers at the core of what they do. Although Pact don’t brand themselves as ethical last year they paid they’re farmers 51% more than the Fairtrade price. They have also made a promise to never pay their farmers less than 25% more than the Fairtrade price. Love and care is put into their roasting which ends up in a fresh and light result. After Nyne thoroughly recommend Pacts Capim Branco roast which tastes like dried apricot and mango dipped in chocolate. Pact will deliver to your home or office and grind to suit your brewing method



The Coffee Officina:

The Coffee Officina are absolutely committed to ensuring all their coffee is provided ethically, from field to cup. They work closely with a range of ethical importers who deal directly with coffee farmers at origins all over the world.

Their focus is to build lasting relationships, which means paying a price that provides a sustainable standard of living. The majority of these coffees are purchased at a fixed rate that is higher than the fair trade minimum. Just like any other crop, coffee is seasonal, so they try to select coffees that are at their best, which involves a lot of research and experimentation.

You can order it online for personal use or for your business. They can also help with:

  • Barista training and coffee knowledge classes, which can be held at our roastery or at your premises.
  • Assistance with purchasing quality coffee equipment.
  • Cafe consultancy and advise on bar layout to get the most out of the space you have.
  • Coffee menus, tailored to you and your demographic.
  • Bespoke espresso blends.

Brill café (which we love) in Exmouth Market have collaborated with the coffee officina to create their own blend roasted by them.





Olivia Reed