Who’d Have Thought It? 3 Awesome Places To Broaden Your Fashion Horizons

Ever put off something awesome just because you didn’t know what to wear? It sounds laughable, but so many of us have shrugged off an invite because we simply don’t have the right outfit. It’s difficult – we want to get out there, we want to stand out – but we want to do it for the right reasons.

Stepping into unknown territory can be scary enough without the fear of not fitting in. We all know what works for us for dinner dates or holidays, but what about when something isn’t quite ‘us’? Modern young women shouldn’t let anything hold them back… much less their wardrobe!

The Football Match

So you like football, but you also like fashion. There’s no crime in that! What do you feel comfortable in? Instead of trying to conform to a style you think you should wear, wear what you want to. Whether it’s a date or a fun day out with the girls, wear something that makes you feel good! Of course, you have to remember that if you’re going to a game, you’ll have to wrap up warm! If you can’t quite hack the cold, you can always catch the game down the pub.

With some killer heels, straight leg skinnies and a floaty top in your team’s colour, you can turn it into a night to remember as well with a little Serie A betting. 

How about it? For example, Roma at the time of writing are generally at odds of 9/4 to win Serie A but you could bet on an outsider if you fancied to make it exciting! Dress for success no matter where you watch and who knows?  The good vibes might even help your team win!

A Gig

The atmosphere may be boiling hot and the room might be full of some erm… questionable types,  but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t look the part where others don’t. Flat footwear always works best, for both your comfort and that of those around you, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Forget the ballet pumps, a rock and roll affair calls for some DMs, Vans or Converse.

There are plenty of awesome people to get tips from, including musicians themselves. Many fashionistas have taken to the blogosphere to share their ideas, as well as magazines, too. Check them out.

A Video Game Convention

It’s time to release your inner geek girl! We’ve all seen the Cosplay and the effort that goes in. Some of those women look seriously impressive, but if you put in the effort, you can too.

If you’ve got an interest in anime or any aspect of gaming culture but you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of ideas to get you started right here online.  These days, it’s an awesome art form in itself and coolness is being redefined.

No matter where you’re going, these days it’s individuality and confidence which allows you to really stand out. Read blogs online, get to know what works for you, and you’ll soon be owning your style no matter the occasion. Don’t just follow trends – set them too!