London Fashion Week: Who Wore It Better? – Somerset House vs NCP Carpark

So for those that didn’t attend the British Fashion Council officially packed up their trunks of all black shirts and culottes and moved this years fashion week to Soho. At first the Soho moved sounded like a great idea, being a homosexual man the idea of sipping cocktails in Rupert Street bar between shows was just a great idea. NCP isn’t new to the fashion week scene, remember that incredible House of Holland show with the moving runway – yeah that was there.

The move was in aid of creating more unique runway shows – having a pop up centre at Somerset House left designers feeling restricted in terms of set design. After all they were just two huge plain white runways. So with the HOH show and the location in mind I was literally buzzing to see what they would do with the space.

My hopes for a great atmosphere were dashed within about a mile of being near the venue. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  1. It was too hard to tell the difference between street style assholes and guys just generally into a bit of S&M – we’re in soho after all, this didn’t stop the street style guys snapping a 50 year old bear in a full body leather suit – Gareth Pugh meets Jungle Book.

At least with Somerset House you knew you were close to the excitement when you were pushing fashion bloggers out of the way on The Strand (bitch i’m late for everything, move!). Which also leads on to my next issue.

      2. Seated queues.

Seated queues for smaller magazines are almost like a rite of passage. When Bora Aksu give you front row tickets girl you better work that queue like you’re about to meet Beyonce (advice for first time seated queuers, don’t you dare smile on camera).

I was particularly disappointed when I turned up to NCP and there was a crowd, no queues; Just an actual crowd. I guess the beauty of having a car park as a venue is that anyone – literally anyone can turn up outside. So I was greeted with a great mix of 60 year old bears, street style photographers, lost asian families and everyone else attending the show who had no idea where to stand with a few of BFC’s finest shouting on megaphones:


This in itself is an issue – particularly when you’re battling past someone with a Chanel Hula Hoop bag, seriously who brings one of those to a show?

Anyhow – this wasn’t going to dampen my mood – fashion week is just kicking off and I have 4 more days of this to deal with, i’ll find a silver lining upstairs in the form of a nice accessory.

Anyhow – getting past the ticket girls was pretty easy, the hard part was the ramps – remember this is a car park. Have you ever gone to the wrong floor in the carpark and done the walk of shame up the car ramp to the next level – it’s a full body workout. Anyhow – It was kind of exciting, I didn’t know what to expect and my legs were screaming “f*ck you” so I know they’d appreciate the seat on this “creative” new runway. I get around the corner and I’m greeted with crisp white prettiness.

        Wait a minute.

                             Crisp. White. Runways?

In their bold move to take fashion week to Soho so they had more flexibility with runways BFC’s offering was a smaller version of what had been at Somerset House in previous seasons – except Somerset House was cleaner and didn’t involve climbing everest to get to the runway. Great idea moving to Soho but I guess they forgot to pack their ideas?

        3. Fashion Week is a nightmare if you own an iPhone.

OK so admittedly phone batteries that last 5 minutes aren’t a new thing – we get it. Though with Vodafone being the prior sponsor at Somerset House they understood this and gave you cute little phone charging lockers. Sunglass Hut understandably don’t care about your battery percentage so don’t offer Phone Charge points.

Word of advice: pack your own or bum off the ones in Covent Gardens apple store you can pretend to be really into the new iPad while crying about how much you miss the old days.


All things considered I think we know who wore it best. BFC if you’re reading this we really miss Somerset House. While NCP may be considered more creative you do lose the feeling of exclusivity that Somerset House provided – almost like being in your own little fashion bubble.  It’s important to remember if it ain’t broke don’t fix it – and you sure as hell don’t take away the Lavazza coffee without a few upset customers xo