Get the Look: Pia Mia

Pia Mia: Get the Look

Who is Pia Mia? Kylie Jenner’s BFF, born and raised in Guam, is the former child YouTube sensation turned almost-chart topper being heralded as celebville’s latest “it” girl. The singer’s signature look combines bralets, bandanas and boots with shorter-than-short hotpants and necklaces stacked upon necklaces. Her debut single, Do It Again, a collaboration with Chris Brown and Tyga, reached number 11 in the UK charts and, confronted with London’s, shall we say somewhat capricious weather whilst in town to promote her follow-up this month, she’s sacrificed the hotpants in favour of a ghetto-fabulous solution to styling out the seasonal transition.

If you fancy stringing your own crop top-wearing days out a little longer, but don’t have a spare £1,480 to hand to invest in a Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini coat and/or the will to sacrifice innocent bunnies in order to keep your navel cosy, here’s where to head:

Jacket: Faux London at ASOS, £110; Jeans: Waven at ASOS, £54; Boots: New Look, £44.99; Top: Boohoo, £8; Shirt: Boohoo, £20; Earrings: River Island, £6; Bandana: Claire’s, £4.50; Choker: Pieces at ASOS, £15; Pendants: Daisy Jewellery, £99 and £165.

Samantha Simmonds