LFW: A Conversation with Nadine Merabi of Ono Uno

London Fashion Week’s show starter saw the exclusive opening night of international fashion label Ono Uno’s Creative Director, Nadine Merabi’s SS16 Decadence show at Beaufort House. With a star-fueled guest-list a huge crowd of attendees, VIPs from the likes of First Kings to Jadette were also present to show love and support to the designer.

The Manchester designer presented her second collection with label Ono Uno, transitioning from long glam and glitz, to shorter fun and flirty designs. We sat down with the designer for an insight to the lead up behind the collection and how her emotions fuel her creativity.

IA: It’s so lovely to meet you, and congratulations on a beautiful collection.

NM- Thank you so much for coming. It’s great to see it on the models on the catwalk and by everyone.

It looks fantastic, I’m curious as to what inspired this collection, ‘Black Widow’ [your Autumn/Winter collection] was quite dark, and hard. How did it get to this stage of flirtatious, romantic, girly and glamorous?

My collections are created based on my life, the collection you’re referring to ‘Black Widow’ was happening at a dark time in my life, inspired by a break up, I was filled with hate and anger towards that person and it helped me create a wonderful pieces. I usually create pieces that I would wear or maybe something amazing is happening in my life and I want to capture that in my work, so I do that.

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Oh that’s fantastic! Have you always wanted to do fashion? How did you get to here?

*Laughs* well actually I never imagined going into fashion, I was really into hockey. I worked in hosting events and whenever I went to events, I couldn’t find anything to wear so I thought – ‘I’ll make clothes, surely it can’t be that difficult.’ Next thing you know, I quit my job, bought a sewing machine and started to watch YouTube videos on ‘How to Sew.‘ I would do this for weeks and didn’t tell anyone because I feared they’d think it was ridiculous. So then I started to make and sell my clothes, it was great because I didn’t have a background in fashion just a love for clothing.

Do you have any future plans? Anything you’d like to do next?

Yes, I’m hoping to start my own label, under my name. It’s a risk but I’m excited. It’s been great working with Ono Uno as a creative director but I’m ready to take my own direction now. I want to create something close to my heart and now that I have the experience and the funds to begin, I can take that step. I really want to do this and make it my own.

It sounds great already! We are excited to see it when it launches. Do you have any advice for those wanting to go into fashion or just create clothing?

God, yes! Believe in yourself! Always. I remember how scared I was that everyone would laugh because they didn’t expect me to go into fashion, but I had to believe in myself. And also just do your own thing. You don’t always have to share your ideas, just do you.


(Images courtesy of Notion PR)

Ikran Abdille (@MiakiliAiko)