Banksy’s ‘Donkey Documents’ Mural Removed from Israel to Sell for $600,000

Art aficionados will spot the quirks of a Banksy in even the most unlikely of places. Created in 2007, ‘Donkey Documents’ stands as one of the artist’s most politically expressed works and the remaining intact mural from his visit to Israel during the war. Stencilled strategically along the concrete barrier dividing the West Bank from Israel, the piece narrates the all-familiar conflict narrative of immigration and asylum, as an armed soldier checks the papers of the donkey.

The mural, which both mocks and commiserates the stringent laws enforced by the Israeli government is now under ownership at Julien’s action house after being removed from its original location and is estimated to sell for $600,000. The removal of Banksy murals in the past has often stirred an epidemic of controversy, such as in the case of auctioning ‘Slave Labour’ (below) which sold for over one million dollars. Proceeds from this auction however, will benefit non-profits that support local art initiatives.


It may well be bought by a private collector making this is a unique and rare opportunity for the British public to see this work of art.

‘This is the perfect space to display ‘Donkey Documents’,’ explains Darren Julien founder of the eponymous Julien’s Auctions, whose idea it was to give it a UK public view. ‘Design Centre is a design platform, so it’s a natural fit.’

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour managing director, Claire German, is delighted to unveil ‘Donkey Documents’ during Focus/15, when their international showrooms launch their new design directions for autumn/winter. ‘We are a nerve centre of many forms of creative expression. So we are proud to give Banksy’s innovative works of art a temporary public home.’

Donkey Documents will make its first UK public appearance at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour from 20 September – 23 October 20

Luciana Garbarni (LucPierra)