Anthony Garratt ‘Bigger Than Me’ At Thackeray Gallery October 6th- 23rd

Anthony Garratt - A New Life - oil, dried flowers, resin & acrylic on canvas - 120x120cm

An exciting now show from Anthony Garratt, consisting of of 30 unseen paintings, all created over the last two years, comes to Kensington Square’s Thackeray Gallery this October.

The show is Garratt’s third with the Thackeray, the first two being sell outs. Prices for the ‘Bigger Than Me’ show range from £600 – £10,000.

Subjects will range from the land, the sea, and one exceptional still life painting, inspired by Anselm Kiefer. Working mainly outside, his paintings are labeled ‘mixed media’ – as he incorporates sand, rain, wax, grit, grass, leaves, flowers, to name a few – building up layer upon layer of paint to create textured and very contemporary paintings of traditional subjects.

Whilst he is still a young artist, in his early thirties, Garratt gathered much critical attention, and press coverage.

He has also been commissioned to do some groundbreaking public work, both on the island of Tresco and currently, too, on Anglesey. Details on these works, part of a series called FOUR can be provided by the gallery.