Now Open: Digital Disturbances at Fashion Space Gallery

Bart Hess Echo at Digital Disturbances Still from Echo (Bart Hess, 2011)

Fashion Space Gallery’s autumn show is now open to the public – our Fashion Editor reports from the launch of Digital Disturbances.

The exhibition explores the interface between fashion and digital technology via the work of seven designers and creative teams. What is gained, and lost, in the process of digital translation? As much a sociological – and even philosophical – question as a technical one, and, with the ever increasing ubiquity of 3D printing (not to mention body scanning, facial recognition software and the cult of the selfie, belfie, healthie…), an increasingly urgent one to tackle.

Appropriately enough, the exhibition is focused around a series of digital installations, but there are also some mind-boggling “IRL” exhibits – from the WIDESHORTSLIMLONG collection by ANREALAGE – featuring clothes produced for digitally manipulated mannequins, to Texturall’s “Oxford Street Flip Flops” – imprinted with perfect 3D reproductions of the road’s surface (now’s your chance to try out barefoot walking minus any worries re: fungal infections/tetanus/chewing gum).

Neatly illustrating that, far from mere aesthetic frivolity, fashion is – or has the potential to be – a key component in each and every area of modern life, Digital Disturbances heralds next month’s launch of the London College of Fashion’s Digital Anthropology Lab. Future projects will include experiments with “Wearables, Big Data, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and the materiality of the new digital craftsmanship”. Where are our digital selves heading? If nothing else, one thing’s certain – fashion won’t be left behind.

Digital Disturbances is at Fashion Space Gallery until 12th December 2015 (10am-6pm Monday-Friday, 12pm-4pm Saturday). Entry is free.

Samantha Simmonds