After Nyne Weekend Playlist – 12/9/13

Welcome to another playlist about as diverse as the weather’s been recently!  Don’t forget to share the list and tweet @AfterNyne

HUNCK – I’ll Wait

HUNCK were born out of the post-riot depths of Tottenham in 2013. Estranged childhood friends Frederik and Thomas reconnected after a series of heartbreaks, losses and unfortunate events to indulge and share their love in the gloomier sounds of long dead crooners such as Al Bowlly and Frank Sinatra.  Initially releasing the dream tinged cover of Frank’s “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning”, they went on to release their cassette only debut EP ‘Something Missing’. After a period languishing in the hiss of their broken hi-fis and the repetitive thud of darts against a local dart board, Frederik and Thomas recruited Kieron, a space cadet fresh off the plane from LA on drums, Alfred, a cyborg found in Southampton hospital after undergoing treatment to fix a broken neck on bass and Michael whom very little was known about on guitar.

The Winachi Tribe – Time For Love

The Winachi Tribe have lifted a second single from their ‘Time for Love’ EP. ‘Plant the Seed’ will be released on September 25th on A1M records. The track sees the band collaborating with Julie E Gordon of Happy Mondays. The Winachi Tribe is a collection of exceptional musicians and producers who have performed and toured with artists as diverse as Ian Brown, Black Grape, Happy Mondays, Massive Attack and The Stereo MCs. They bring together urban swagger, soul and funk to create unique electro-funk grooves; a sonic soul collective who are unrestrained by boundaries or formulas, either musically or culturally.


Dilly Dally – Purple Rage

After years of rotating members (founding member & guitarist Liz Ball and Monks have traded out three drummers and bassists), they have settled with Benjamin Reinhartz on drums and Jimmy Tony on bass. This combination has resulted in a debut that sweeps the listener into Monks’ psyche, as she screams in a coarse holler that chameleons, sliding in cadence and scale. Monks paints pictures of snakes crawling out of her head, while Ball adds simple, sparkling guitar leads that cut through the wall of fuzz and pedals. Reinhartz’s drumming is instinctual, driving forward, while Jimmy Tony carries the melody along with his simple and effective bass lines. Dilly Dally plays like one person, a unit that works to infect the audience. The band’s debut is strong work, due in part to production from Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Greys) and Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra, Dusted).


Sister Wanzala – Shy Heat/Heaven

Christopher, Markus & Patrick Wanzala-Ryan make cold funk music. Bradford born and raised, the brothers grew up in a house full of instruments and encouragement. But with sibling rivalry alive and well, they preferred to play in rival bands with friends, rather than together. Upon moving to London in late 2014 and realising that they no longer had friends in bands (or otherwise) the trio put family first and Sister Wanzala were formed. Eschewing the musical misdemeanours of their teenage years, they gorged on new discoveries such as Donald Fagen, Tribe Called Quest and New Order; helping to inspire a sound and direction for the band. Sister Wanzala are currently working on an EP with producer Iain Gore, to be released in late 2015.

U.R.I – Black Flag

Originally from Tel Aviv, Uri moved to London two years ago after winning The Shure Songwriting competition, which was judged by Frank Turner that year. The prize was a full scholarship to study music at The Institute of Contemporary Music where Uri has been developing his acoustic, atmospheric and at times melancholy sound, adding in more electronic influences to his folk-inspired songwriting.