Spirituality Meets Style

Daisy Jewellery Chakra Bracelet

What do Kanye West, Cheryl F-V and Rosie H-W have in common? Well, besides looking great in leather skirts, they’ve all been spotted sporting Daisy Jewellery’s Chakra bracelet. Is this the rather more stylish successor to Kabbalah’s – admit it – somewhat uninspiring red string on the A-list’s perpetual quest to combine spiritual credibility with wrist decoration?

If the idea of the guy who was best man at James Cook’s wedding to Poppy Delevingne appropriating Buddhist symbols in the name of spiritual dissemination is already making your eyes roll, consider James Boyd’s story before you judge. At 26, Daisy’s founder faced a lifetime of daily pill popping (and not the kind you may associate with the circles run in by the likes of the Delevingnes) as part of his fight to manage lymphocytic colitis. How did he manage to ditch the drugs? Yoga.

Boyd came up with the idea for the Chakra bracelet during one of the aforementioned yoga classes. Now part of an exhaustive range incorporating necklaces, rings and earrings, the bracelets, which promise to “balance your Chakras and ensure your life force and vital energy”, also happen to gel perfectly with fashion’s ongoing boho love-in. Starting from £58, a little Chakra tune-up won’t break the bank, either – you just need to decide which are in most dire need of rebalancing (please note I did not say which best complement your AW wardrobe).


Samantha Simmonds