You’re being out blogged by a doll – Sorry ‘bout it.

Meet the uber cool Barbie taking over Instagram.

Remember when Barbie was a pink frilly ditsy blonde that looked like she’d just stepped out of legally blonde – yeah you should feel old now. The girls gone and traded the blonde in for brown and is of course effortless at being so much cooler than you #authenticliving.

Socality Barbie is an Instagram account taking the internet by storm showing the edgy adventurer trend in photography – bringing you an endless barrage of meaningful selfies from around the globe (girl knows how to work that half smile).


The account itself was set up by a photographer from Portland, Oregon who has since remained anonymous to help keep the authenticity of our dear Socality Barbie.  The account was created in a joke reaction to the growing trend of hipsters hash tagging #liveauthentically and #socality.

“I couldn’t tell any of their pictures apart so I thought, ‘What better way to make my point than with a mass-produced doll?” – while looking at endless feeds of pretty mountains and dreamy lake trips can be fun the feast of visual snacking has started to become a little hollow, like who really lives like this?

Her wardrobe while minimal is often hand-made (shopping in stores is just so not authentic) and her account has just over 42,000 followers. Impressive being that she’s made of plastic.


Go check her out: @socalitybarbie and remember girls (and guys) always gram your coffee or it didn’t happen xo