Miley & Her Dead Petz..After Nyne’s Verdict

Miley Cyrus dropped her free album Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz after hosting the VMA’s this year. At After Nyne, we decided to give her self-produced album a go.

In her surprise album Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz, Cyrus leaves factory pop for an experimental mess. At 23 tracks, getting through it is a mission. Not only is it long, it’s just one of the weirdest and worst produced albums of this year. Throughout the songs Cyrus proclaims her love for pot and states she doesn’t give a f*** about one things or another, like that kid trying to be cool in front of her friends. It reeks of immaturity and we can feel the desperate need for Miley to escape her teeny-bopper past on the Hannah Montana show.

Between the cringeworthy lyrics and incessant psychedelic noise, most of the songs on the album are just painful to listen to. Miley Cyrus and her Dead petz is chaotic, nonsensical and sounds hastily put together. The editing efforts are weak to non-existent and would have required some heavy-handed producing. “I’m So Drunk”, “Do it” and “Milky, Milky, Milk” are just one of the many tracks that just make you want to stop the world and get off it.

Miley sings about rainbows, strange dreams, peoples tongues “milking her” and makes us want to slowly back away from all this craziness.The auto-tune, high decibel vocals and weird effects, don’t bring anything but pain to the listeners, especially in the second half of the album where everything just goes to shit. This album is mostly Miley being weird just for the sake of it.

Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne influenced the heavy psych vibe throughout the album, which we could have done less of. His participation did nothing to make the Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz any better. But then again, the relevancy of the Lips in the music industry is questionable at best.

The biggest disappointment of this album is the lack of consistency in the quality of the songs. The ballads and love songs are halfway decent and some are actually – dare I say it – excellent tracks like “Space Boots”,”Fweaky” and “The Floyd Song (Sunrise)”. With those, Miley invites us into her smoked up world, leaving her twerking self behind and presents us with a more genuine experience for her listeners.

Those tunes are both chill and different from what Miley usually does, achieving what she wanted to do, while miserably failing, in the rest of the album. In particular, “Space Boots” sounds less like a wobbly attempt to be alternative and more like the product of an artist who has defined herself.

Her newly found creative freedom is not expected to last as her latest album isn’t viable in the music industry. In other words, Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz would have been a career suicide if she expected her fans to pay for it.

Andy Gorman