After Nyne Issue 8: Behind the Scenes, a Real Life Movie Montage

There are classic scenes which we remember from brilliant movies. Some of the most iconic ones can be the wardrobe montages or the dramatic makeovers: scenes in The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City and Pretty Woman spring to mind. Majority of the time they are only short clips but they are glorious fashion montages.

Rosemary Lambert & Kate Cheung

Luckily for me I was thrown into the midst of a montage a couple weeks ago when shooting the cover for After Nyne Issue 8.

Issue 8 is all about ‘SENSE’. Our senses. Think: touch, taste, hear, see, smell. Think: skin, cloth, soft, harsh, wet, dry, hot, cold, sweet, sour. Once you have all of that in your head- along with a flash back to your favourite movie makeover montage- then you have an idea of what it was like shooting our cover.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 13.19.33
The difficulty here, I soon learn, is how do you create a photo that has ‘sensory qualities’ but will ultimately be experienced through a screen? It’s the question on each team member’s mind. The photographer checks for the right light; the stylist searches for the right fabric; the makeup artists work at the skin making it glow and shine in all the right places.

Stripping it back to the base, some garments resemble an odd mix of latex and skin in their feel and appearance. Models bend and garments move likewise. It’s all about capturing a skin-on-skin feel: the ghost of a human touch.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 13.19.52
Other garments fall loosely over the model’s body. As the silk slides down her arm, a makeup brush suddenly appears in the nook of her collar bone. Shimmer is dashed onto the skin to bring out the shine in the fabric. This emphasises a curve sot smooth to touch that by simply using your imagination you can feel its silkiness glide across your fingertips.

A model emerges in a dress which flows like a waterfall, cascading down her body. Drops of water are sprayed on the model for a wet look effect; something an audience can relate to, this sense of dripping wet skin. The light bounces.

The shoot progresses and the photos start coming together. Each photo has more of an atmosphere than the last. Each photo cuts your breath short and awakens your senses. And it’s only an inkling at what to expect from After Nyne Issue 8.


Alongside these beautiful images, your senses will be guided through Issue 8 with inspiring interviews with photographers, designers and artists including Beatrix Ost, Tom French, Kohei Nawa and Ashley Oubre- to name a few.

Speaking to the Creative Director, Craig Hemming, he tells me more about what inspired the SENSE concept in After Nyne Issue 8.

“We knew for a while that we wanted to evolve the magazine beyond a digital experience – you see, people describe print as a dying market…but why should that stop us from feeling something when we open a magazine be it digital or paper?
The idea was to create an issue you really felt you could to touch, an issue where you’d stop on a page for 5 minutes to observe a beautiful form or admire some beautiful design (we have some beautiful braille poetry pieces in this issue which ironically do not function as they would in reality but can be appreciated as great design). As well as looking at the body form in our cover shoot the theme of sensuality is consistent throughout – some in more subtle ways than others, whether it’s through the ethereal sound of Dragonette or the sense of fashion nostalgia which is brought by style icon Beatrix Ost; we have really pulled out all the stops for this one; and we can’t wait for you to see it!”


SENSE, After Nyne Issue 8, will be released on 22nd September 2015.

SENSE – credits
Models: Hanna Toivakka (Milk Models), Natalie Hunt (Profile Models)
Photographer: Daniel Sachon
Art Director: Luciana Garbarni
Set Assistant: Florence Rose Robjohn
Stylist: Sharkkana Pryce
Assistant Stylist: Genevieve Detom
MUA: Amy Sachon
Nail Artist: Jess Young

Florence Rose