JUSTKIDS launch their Art Residency in Puerto Rico with Belgian Street Artist ROA

Acclaimed Belgian artist and muralist ROA takes on the role as the first artist to join JUSTKIDS’ artist-in-Residence in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Well celebrated and acknowledged for his monumental murals, the scale of ROA’s works are by no means lacking in detail. His minimalistic pallet adds effect to the complex installations across street buildings. The longstanding impact of ROA’s pieces lie in his ability to amicably depict nature within an urban environment, making him the perfect fit for the residency in San Juan which is said to be envisioned as a unique opportunity for artists to discover the island. Considered one of the top street artists in the world, ROA’s paintings are lauded for adding a dynamic edge to their surroundings through their interaction with their environment.


Having launched in 2013, the JUSTKIDS collective has continued to support a diverse team of creatives while presenting cutting-edge exhibitions, live performances, public installations and large scale murals in conceptual spaces. Their new studio space in San Juan will permit ROA to present the city with a handful of brand new outdoor murals and street pieces across the island, adding to his successful repopulation of several cities with animals and bringing them back into the community.

ROA in Lodz-2

For upcoming details about the print please visit http://www.justkidsofficial.com 

Luciana Garbarni (@LucPierra)