Jack of All Trades: David Beckham Marks His Acting Debut in Fashion Film Outlaws

Professional footballer, model, father and now actor, David Beckham is duly set to stun us all in the smouldering short film Outlaws. Releasing on the 21st of September 2015, Beckham plays the mysterious motorcycle stunt man who is plagued by the memories of a trapeze artist and being chased by a crazed circus owner. Just a typical day in the life of David Beckham. The short film is set in the barren wasteland of Mexico and is the perfect location for director and writer Geremy Jasper’s surreal and stylised story.

If you love creepy circus settings with good-looking actors, this one is definitely for you. Staring alongside Harvey Keitel, Cathy Moriarty, and one to watch, Katherine Watersto, Beckham might find it hard to be the most memorable onscreen. But we’ll be the judges of that.


Produced by actress Liv Tyler, the film will be shown at the end of the Belstaff Fashion Week mid September. Beckham is no stranger to the unisex Belstaff brand, having co-created a six-piece fashion collection last year. He is quoted on many occasions praising the look and style it has to offer. ‘It’s kind of the same as what I wear day in and day out.’ His fashion choices in Outlaws do not disappoint and we are big fans of the James Dean and Steve Mcqueen look he is channelling. Who doesn’t like a man in leathers! For Beckham it was ‘an easy decision to make’ to join the cast and crew for the film because of his pre existing connection with Belstaff and his love for their clothes.

Beckham seems to be getting into the acting lifestyle, quoted as saying ‘everyone on set has been incredible’. ‘I always love to challenge myself’. We would be more than happy to see more and more of you Mr. Beckham on the silver screen.

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words: Olivia Topley