H&M Launch Fashion Recycling Week with London College of Fashion

Bloom and Wild

H&M have launched yet another sustainability project in addition to their Conscious Exclusive campaign, Caitlin Gorman reports. Fashion Recycling Week has been introduced in partnership with students from London College of Fashion in an act of achieving ‘a better fashion future’ and raising awareness of sustainability.

H&M have had great success with their Conscious Collection with its line expanding from party wear to sportswear and nightwear. With the line being modelled by stars Amber Valletta, Vanessa Paradis, and Olivia Wilde, the collection is a well recognised and successful campaign.

The Fashion Recycling Week is expected to follow the success of H&M’s Conscious Collection across the nation. The week will feature installations in the windows of major cities London, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh and will be created by the LCF students using donated clothing through H&M’s garment collecting scheme.

Recent studies by H&M have concluded that a shocking 95% of throw-away fashion could potentially be re-worn or recycled. Engagement from the public is set to be spectacular with a huge garment collection box gracing Covent Garden’s piazza during Fashion Recycling Week (clothes can also be donated at your local H&M store), with the exchange of vouchers for donated garments.

Fashion Recycling Week is set to run from 31 August to 6 September 2015.

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