17 Patterns releases debut wallpaper collection

Cloudbusting in Blue

House of Holland
17 Patterns launches at Decorex 2015 (stand G50) its inaugural collection of superior quality wallpapers.

Printed in the UK, the unique and exclusive debut collection features 15 bold designs that are co-created by a selection of predominantly British artists and designers, who in turn are hand-picked by art director and designer, Nosca Inc. Patterns are based on geometric, Art Deco, animal and natural themes.

Unparalleled in tiger
Unparalleled in tiger

Artists such as Paris, Ben Allen and Christina K have been commissioned by 17 Patterns to produce designs and artworks that are then deconstructed or extended under the careful curation of Nosca Inc and a trusted team of interiors, fabric and colour experts working in collaboration with the artists.

Deriving its name from the mathematical classification of a two-dimensional repetitive pattern, first proven by Evgraf Fedorov in 1891, 17 Patterns curates, manipulates and restructures artworks in collaboration with the artists and designers into a dynamic repeat design. The original concept of the artists’ work is evolved through a variety of imaginative, unconventional techniques and creative processes. Colourways and textures are chosen under guidance of interiors specialists to ensure usability and eventual extension into companion fabrics.

Jellyfish in Black
Jellyfish in Black

The avant-garde patterns fuse exquisite style and on-trend colour palettes with impeccable British quality. Showcased across contemporary non-woven and metallic mica papers, this launch collection juxtaposes digitally manipulated illustration and geometric designs with abstract watercolour paintings to deliver a sophisticated range of wallcoverings. Drawing inspiration from past and present design disciplines, the collections deliver a highly original next-generation aesthetic.

Founder of 17 Patterns Nosca Inc comments, “Respecting artists and their ideas is crucial. There is infinite possibility in taking those ideas and developing them through clever curation. Artworks and designs are taken on a creative journey. We are driven by experimentation and innovation, to inject bold and exciting designs into 21st century interiors. I have always been fascinated with the Fluxus art movement and I wanted to inject my own interpretation of creative freedom into 17 Patterns.”

Skinny Dip in Black
Skinny Dip in Black

Innovative processes include:

  •  Leaving freshly painted works open to rainstorms. The additional water hitting the wet paint coupled with the wind’s air flow form movement on the canvas and create delicate pigment blends and subtle textures. The naturally dried gradations of colour are converted into patterns.
  •  Mixing hand-painted and digital geometric formations. Layering multiple processes such a painting, photography and printing blur the lines between designer- and artist-produces shapes. The imperfection of the hand-painted is juxtaposed against the perfection of the digitally created. Traditional cheviot and herringbone patterns are replaced with irregular geometric shapes and futuristic prisms by fragmenting and intersecting polygons.
  • Multi-layering compositions. These are produced from interrupted shapes and mixed media cuttings. Weathered billboard posters and tearing techniques are reconstructed to create layered textures.

All of 17 Patterns’ wallpapers are printed in the UK on ethically sourced 147-168gsm quality paper stock using ecologically sound water-based inks that are UV resistant. Wallcoverings are available in 52cm, 70cm and large-scale panel coverings. Paper rolls are priced from £180.00 for 52cm x 10m length, from £190 for 70cm x 10m length and from £200 for 210cm x 3-metre high large panel installations. All are available to purchase via the 17

Patterns online showroom at www.17patterns.com