AFTER NYNE 7 EXCLUSIVE: ‘Vicious’….After Nyne Meets…Mimi Imfurst

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After appearing on not only one, but two series of RuPaul’s infamous Drag Race you’d think she’d have a bit of a break – wrong.

After touring with the likes of Kathy Bates & Mo’Nique to name a few this Queen has her eyes set firmly on the spotlight. After Nyne chats with the hardest working bitch in showbusiness – Mimi Imfurst.

 Who is Mimi Imfurst – how did she develop from Braden?  

Mimi Imfurst is this dark side of Braden- she lets me speak my mind.  As Mimi I can say all the things that you shouldn’t say but were probably thinking.  Mimi is a part of me but very different.  She’s a bit more vicious than Braden.  I would say Braden probably only shares about 70% of the same thoughts and values as Mimi.

To Read the Full Interview, Download For Your Apple or Android Device Here