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Youth Club are fast becoming one of our Music Editor’s favourite bands of 2015.  In March the four piece released their self-produced EP Brothers, after receiving phenomenal support for the EP’s first single ‘People’, their second offering came in the form of ‘Breathe’, an infectious summer track which is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The lads played the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1’s big weekend in, and packed out the tent (We wish we had been there so much).  The band have also received support from the likes of The 405, TMRW Magazine, Amazing Radio, and 6Music, and now After Nyne.

Lulu Jones caught up with the boys from Southend to have a chat about basically everything before they played at the Brooklyn Bowl:

So how are you guys?

We are alive and well, how’re you?

I’m really well, though a bit stressed because of the tube…

Ugh we hate the tube, all those suits…

So which two of you are brothers?

All of us…but no actually it’s Joe and Danny

And if you two are brothers, how did you all meet each other?

Gerrard:  Me and Rees have been working together in music for about 10 years.

Rees:  Yeah our families know each other, we’re from the same area, actually it’s quite an interesting story, I went to a Chinese buffet on new years eve with loads of people, and karaoke, I’d heard about Gerry through a few people, and he got up and and sang Red Red Wine by UB40…which basically got us talking about music.

Gerrard: So Rees was a drummer, I was just a karaoke singer and Rees had been in bands before

Joe: I met Gerry in the queue for a gig, and he kept singing in my ear, a band which turned out to be Phoenix, and basically we all came together over our love of Phoenix.

Gerrard: It’s all a bit fatey isn’t it – is that a word I can use, fatey?

Joey: Like the perfect relationship, you don’t see it coming til it hits you in the face

That was a beautiful story well done guys, so Gerrard you obviously got into music through karaoke singing how did the rest of you get into music?

Gerrard: It’s true!  When I was a kid, I literally just used to repeat music, and so I started doing a karaoke and people said I was good.

Joe: I listened to some bad music and thought yeah I could do this – Baha Men, Las Ketchup… but really what got me into music was my auntie, and watching Dan playing music too.

Danny: Yeah, I was doing a lot of session guitar work.

Rees:  I had an older friend who had a drum kit, and I saw it and thought ‘I need one of them’, and my parents were really supportive and let me get one.  I also started to DJ as my older cousin DJ’d.

Gerrard: We all started playing instruments really young, and our parents music taste influenced us too.

So I was going to ask who your greatest influence was, but it’s obviously Phoenix – have you got any other influences?

Michael Jackson, Gil Scott – there’s a lot of music we all like, but as a band it’s definitely Phoenix.

If you weren’t in music what would you be doing instead?

Danny: …Listening to music…

Gerrard: I can see you being an RE teacher Rees…

Danny:  I’d be a jobsworth, I’d probably work in a job where everyone hated me…

Gerrard: I’d probably a secret agent or something…an assassin

Joe: I’d love to be a TV person like Gok Wan, putting belts on everything…telling people that they’ve got the confidence

What were the worst jobs you’ve ever have?

Joe: I worked in a bank…and had severe panic attacks and left, but it was quite funny – you had passcodes to get into your accounts and this one guys password was ‘Hitler’…so yeah there were some interesting days

Gerrard: We’ve all worked on building sites, that was pretty bad, Rees used to work for an alarm company, he hated that

Joe: Jobs where you have to do things that you really hate but you have to do them anyway to pay the bills…Dan you used to work at Asda, but you loved that job…

Danny: Yeah I loved it, 16 years old, only guy in the bakery department, it’s the only job where I didn’t mind being told what to do

What was the inspiration for your EP Brothers?

Gerrard: It basically sums up our summer last year, playing live and playing the festival season – we tried to capture that energy.

Rees: We tried to figure out what sums us up as a band, and the way we interact with each other is very much like brothers, also Phoenix have 2 brothers in the band, so it’s nice to know that there’s other bands in the world that have to deal with siblings.

What can we expect after Brothers?

Danny: Sisters…

Joe: We’ve got a new video coming out, but you’ll have to wait and see what it is…

Where in the world would you most like to play and why

Danny: Brazil definitely, it’s really hot and there’s loads of…well endowed ladies…

Joe: An Australian tour would be sick, great festivals.  We love festivals.  Oh and Bali.  Anything that compliments the sound of our music, so anywhere summery.

Have you got any festivals coming up over the summer?

Kopparberg festival, 110 Above festival, Beatherder, Brownstock, SW7, we’ve got loads!

Amazing, thanks so much for chatting with me guys!

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