Metin Salah Unveils the Intimacy between Artist and Muse in Power, Passion, Pain at Brick Lane Gallery

Influenced and inspired by masters such as Sargeant, Reynolds, Varga, Robert McGinnis and Robert G Harris, Metin’s boldly painted portraits are created from a truly unique colour palette merged with an experimental approach to this traditional genre. His latest body of work brings together a series of highly expressive, gestural and seductive depictions of the artist’s subjects.

Metin’s illustration-based background is reflected in the hyper-real and graphic nature of the work. The accuracy and sophistication of his images is bolstered by a clear passion for painting beautiful women. The relationship between artist and sitter is one of ease and trust, resulting in a sense of individuality and character that shine through these beautifully alluring portraits.


Although mainly using oil paint, the artist also applies various materials and techniques to his surfaces, from old brushes and rusty nails to airbrush and cement. He sees beauty and uniqueness in these newfound textures and colours that are born from the use of these unconventional elements. This adventurous and exploratory spirit is evocative of his colourful upbringing in London’s eastend in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Having graduated with a first class honours degree from Maidstone College of Art specialising in Illustration, Metin has expressed himself through painting, illustration, animation, and has designed a wide range of products for a number of clients and agencies worldwide. From a recent commission to paint the portrait of the ruler of Dubai as well as that of sixteen thoroughbred racehorses for a permanent exhibition in Abu Dhabi to illustrating children’s books and mini animation movies, Metin’s artistic freedom reaches across various mediums and techniques and yet are unified by the pure joy of ‘art-making’.

Metin says that he hopes his art

…reflects and captures a feeling hidden in everyone’s eyes, and heart; sometimes as a result they will be free to express it.

The exhibition runs until 14th June at the Brick Lane Gallery

196 Brick Lane

E1 6SA