We celebrate the UK launch of Ru Pauls Drag race with the 10 best GIF moments in season 7 HERstory!

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Monday/Tuesday saw the UK Launch of RPDR via TRUtv (yass that this has finally happened) – and while we’re all a little gutted they’re showing reruns of Issue 4 (we all know Sharon Needles won already) we’re all uber happy we no longer have to shoplift episodes online ❤

Here are a few of our favorite moments from the Season 7 of the greatest show on earth – get ready to gag on this extravaganza!

1) Best Entrance goes to Tempest DuJour, who popped in, then promptly popped out.

tumblr_nkn7haZ0El1qiohboo1_4002) While the Queens are said to be a little dry this series there’s no question about how on point the fashion has been so far! – Violet Chachki come through!


3) Though there has also been some more questionable fashion moments too… Sorry Katya


4) But if we’re throwing shade on the worst dress we should probably confront this paint… would you like some face with your contour hunny?


5) Bianca comes slightly under-dressed for the finale and it’s just a bit awkward…


6) Spoiler! – When this bitch goes you’ll cry harder then you did at Marley & Me (Sorry not sorry) KatyaLeaf.gif.CROP.original-original

7) Violet Chachki’s waist should have it’s own crown… not a spoiler just a fact. CINCHED FOR THE GODS!

chachki18) You’ll try Shazaming all the songs from the Glamazon Airways challenge and be devastated to find out they’re not on iTunes.


9) The single greatest death drop of all time – weep for Kennedy Davenport… or clap… I did both.


10) Oh pit crew!


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