Invest In Your Passions This Summer: Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

Londoners looking to invest in something more personal than stocks and shares, and hoping to inject some colour into their homes, need look no further than the the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead this summer.

The Hampstead fair will showcase over 100 galleries and over 1,100 artists all under one roof in a beautiful heath setting. Visitors can head down to the fair after work or at the weekend and immerse themselves in an eclectic variety of styles and mediums, all available to view in one place whilst sipping on a glass of something chilled.

This year the fair is set to host artworks from galleries across the world alongside local favourites. What better way to start or build on an art collection than with graduate-led enterprise, Made in Arts London, who champion the wealth of local emerging artistic talent, including experimental mixed media artists Fiona Masterton and Imogen Parry, in their curated exhibition of work.

After Nyne were given an an insight to what Fair Director, Romy Westwood anticipates for the contemporary art scene and current art trends:

‘Art and Science’ is a current art trend with intriguing and captivating results for the viewer. The popularity among artists to use technology and science within their work is highlighted by the newly developed Art and Science MA course at University of the Art London. From Leonardo Di Vinci to young artists like Libby Heaney and Ed Thomas, showing at this year’s Hampstead fair, science and art have often gone hand in hand to relate hard to grasp and conceptual ideas to the viewer in an aesthetic way.

“Studies in Pollution #7 The Thames (The City series)” by Ed Thompson. Digital c-type photographic print. 101 x 76cm. Edition of 12. £1650 from Eyestorm Gallery

Ed’s work uses infrared film –  in its original purpose – to document pollution. In his piece ‘Studies in Pollution #7 The Thames’ London’s high pollution rate is contrasted against the volume of trees in the Capital.

 Libby studied Art and Science MA course at Central St. Martins and is showing with Made in Arts London (MiAL) at the Hampstead fair.  Libby’s pieces explore the contrasting notions of the physical world and the blurred, unobservable realm of quantum physics.

Artists are increasingly using experimental mediums and techniques to showcase their ideas to the viewer. Artists such as Charles Emerson and Romina Ressia follow in the footsteps of contemporary artists expressing important ideas through innovative techniques.

Arusha Gallery, Romina Ressia, Pink Brushstroke
“Pink Brushstroke” by Romina Ressia. Photography. 30 x 45cm. Edition of 15. £1900 from Arusha Gallery

 Romina uses traditional Dutch lighting to create a juxtaposition between a modern lifestyle and traditional representations of women in art. This style of portraiture would historically have been painted in oils, the use of photography adds another contrast between old and new.

 Charles Emerson uses abjection to create stunning explosions of colour by injecting blood into a circular milk filled vessel and capturing the result with a hi-res camera. The final work symbolises the Self and the Infinite. The milk symbolises life and fertility, whilst the blood represents pain and mortality.

A final piece from the Blood / Milk project.
“Phase III” by Charles Emerson. Photographic print (dibond mounted). 60 x 60cm. Edition of 10. £1100 from Antlers Gallery

Whether an art lover is looking for traditional or contemporary, quirky or minimalist, colourful or monochromatic, there is something to complement every lifestyle and taste at the Hampstead fair. All pieces are priced between £100 – £5,000 so visitors can buy original art for their collection which expresses their own personal style.

The fair opens from 11 – 14 June 2015, Lower Fairground Site, East Heath Road, Hampstead,

Opening hours: 11.00am – 6.00pm (Charity Private View Wednesday 10 June & Thursday Late View 5.30 – 9.30pm)

Ticket prices: £10 – £20 (concessions £8 – £13) Tickets are now on sale at

Feature image: “Decoherence” by Libby Heaney. Plywood. 100 x 100cm. £850 from Made in Arts London