After Nyne meets…Pale Honey


Gothenburg duo Pale Honey, comprising of Tuva Lodmark and Nelly Daltrey shared their new track ‘Tease’, taken from their forthcoming, self-titled, debut album a few weeks ago which we featured on our weekend playlist. Where debut single ‘Youth’ was praised for its intensity and directness, bathed as it was in a tone that conveyed both nonchalance and sincerity in equal measure, ‘Tease’ tones down the crunch of their guitars and puts the focus on lyrics and melody, peppered with a hum of synths.

After Nyne’s music editor Lulu Jones met the girls at the Big Chill House in Kings Cross to have a chat before their debut show in London at The Islington.

So tell me the story of Pale Honey, how did you guys meet?

We met in high school when we were 14.   We weren’t really that good friends from the beginning because we both were really shy, and we were both afraid of each other or something! But then it was just by accident, we became friends from playing music together. At school we had to do a music project, and I guess when we played it really felt good – and we became friends.

How long have you guys been together as a band?

We’re 22, so about 8 years.

Where did you get the name Pale Honey from?

We really wanted to have the word ‘honey’, but then we were like ‘we need another word!’ so we tried to find something and it was like ‘dry honey? Pale honey? Maybe’, it had to grow on us.

I really like the name Pale Honey, it’s cool!

It was like naming your child!

Who would you cite as your biggest influence musically?

I think it might be Queens of the Stoneage, musically. It’s not like we want to sound like them , but there music has inspired us the most.   But we’ve never listened to a band and thought ‘we want to play this kind of music’, or ‘I really like this drum beat so I’ll play like that’.   It’s the kind of music that makes us think ‘fuck yeah we’re also going to make really good music!’.


pale honey 2

We put Tease on our playlist a few weeks ago – what was your influence for the lyrics?

When we wrote the lyrics it was like we wrote it about an abusive relationship, but from the abuser’s point of view.   There’s just something really dark and manipulative about it.   The guitars were kinda rough, and we wanted to write something that wasn’t sugar coated all like ‘I love you’.   It’s like wanting a bit more from someone.

What’s the music scene in Sweden like?

It’s very common in Sweden to play music, everyone has a band. Most of the music is pretty good, though we’re not that good at keeping track of everyone!

So if everyone plays music, is it quite hard to get your music out there?

It’s kinda hard if you haven’t got anything unique, though it’s like that everywhere, but in Sweden it’s hard competition. Though I think that’s good, if everyone’s making music it brings up the standard and brings out the best in musicians.

Is this your first time in London?

It’s our first time!

How do you like it?

We’ve spent most of the time working in our room! But we did go for a little walk today, and we really like it, it seems really cosy. We’re swedes so we don’t have the best weather, it’s really true what they say about the weather in London, you’ll take all your clothes off because it’s warm then it starts hailing – it’s crazy!

Where abouts in the world would you like to play if you could play anywhere?

We both really want to go to the US – the American dream thing!

Have you got any musical recommendations you want to give us?

Kashmir – they’re a Danish band, they’re really good and huge in Denmark. It took a while to get into it, but as we listened to it more we liked it more.


pale honey 3

How come you sing in English?

We’ve never liked Swedish music! It feels very strange. If you don’t sing in English and you’re not English, it’s not that easy to become international. Basically all of the music in Sweden is sang in English so it doesn’t feel that strange to sing in English. You have to learn English in school in Sweden too.

What are your plans for the summer?

We’re playing quite a few festivals in Sweden, and also working on the new album and writing lots.

I really want you guys to play at a festival in England!

We really want to too!

I’m sure you will one day, and thank you so much for talking to me!

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