After Nyne Issue 7 – OUT NOW!

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So here’s Issue 7 We’ve pulled out all stops to make this our biggest issue yet, and hopefully our most controversial.

There’s a revolutionary spirit afoot in our office. Our recent engagement with politics through our Election 2015 @ After Nyne series has fired us up with regard to looking at what all of us can do to make a change.

With After Nyne 7 we’ve been privileged to work with blogger and performance artist Ted Rogers – an original thinker who is never afraid to shake the world up.

His engagement with our idea to reclaim the pejorative term ‘bitch’ was the starting point for the concept for our cover shoot. Some may see a controversial shoot…others will see Ted’s sensitive and considered written response to the brief.

We hope you see both. The two needn’t be mutually exclusive.

The global response to the terrorist attacks in France at the beginning of year taught us that the world is awake, and listening, and people power is perhaps our most potent force. And it can touch every arena – and should.

Edward Meadham of fashion design duo Meadham Kirchoff said recently

‘Fashion is in a coma. Society has lulled itself into a false sense of security and false liberalism’ 

On a political level..on a personal level..on a creative’s our duty as thinkers, readers, think beyond the day..and make a difference to tomorrow.

It starts with you.