Norwegian Pop Goddess Mariann Rosa | The Monarch | May 13th


We featured Mariann Rosa on our weekend playlist a few weeks ago, her latest single ‘Banjo For My Bitches’ caught our ears with Mariann’s distinct vocal style and energy really sticking out to us.   Hailing from the capital of Norway, Mariann has been in the game a while now, her old band touring with the likes of The Killers, this is her first foray as a solo artist – and here at After Nyne we couldn’t be happier for her.

On a sunny evening in Camden I headed down to a place where I usually end up on a spontaneous night out – The Monarch – and as my memory serves tends to be a bit of a sweatbox, so it was nice to have some room to move around when I arrived.

First things first, the pop songstress’ outfit has to be mentioned – iridescent mac, wonder woman style top and ripped denim shorts featuring moons stars AND cats  – not anything I could pull off in my wildest dreams but Mariann rocked it hard.

Kicking off the set with ‘BFMB’, I was amazed at how much energy this image2ethereal Norwegian lass had, literally bouncing off the walls, there was no holding her back, her energy was infectious and engaging.  Near the beginning of the set there were some slight technical difficulties, but like the pro she is Mariann took it in her stride and proceeded to sit on the bar and make jokes that the crowd actually laughed at – there’s nothing worse than a front man/woman who can’t entertain the crowd during a slight crisis.

One thing that stood out to me about her set was the diversity of the singer, sometimes I find myself going to gigs and not being able to differentiate between certain songs, not the case here though.  BFMB was followed by ‘Friggin Fantastic’, getting the crowd well and truly going, only to bring them back down for a slower song, ‘Hunger’.  ‘What I Want’, a shouty anthem which showed how confident Mariann is, with a ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude that’s more endearing than offensive.  There were definitely elements of her set that reminded me of Debbie Harry as well as certain aspects of the B-52’s.

My flat mate who I brought along with me ‘wanted to be her friend’, which sums up the kind of persona Mariann exudes on and off stage.  Already with a strong following in her home country, and other parts of Scandinavia, I can safely say this lady is one to watch.

Check out her Soundcloud below: