After Nyne @ Venice Biennale: Thought-Provoking Azerbaijan Pavilion Highlights Ecological Threat

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After Nyne’s representatives at the Venice Biennale – Richard Scarry and Chippy Coates – head to the Azerbaijan Pavilion and find plenty to see..and plenty to think about. 

Azerbaijan’s extensive group presentation at the Ca’ Garzoni includes artists from various countries.

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Ugo Rondinone

Laura Culpan talked us through the exhibition that explores the global environmental impact on the planet and it’s inhabitants. Sculpture, installation, painting and film all address the pressures, consequences and potential solutions to rising sea levels, global warming, pollution, extinction and limited resources. 

Vita Vitale looks to Azerbaijan’s future, and beyond its geographic borders, to spotlight the artists and scientists confronting the ecological challenges we face globally.

From aerial shots of the increasingly arid Texas Panhandle to a futuristic wasteland built upon the excesses of the financial market; from photographs of flip-flops washed up on the beaches of Wales to sculptures of barnacle-encrusted reefs inspired by the urbanisation of the Galapagos Islands, Vita Vitale navigates the delicate balance between our planet’s ecosystem and our impact on the natural world. At the same time, works such as a gilded swarm of bees, an idyllic animation of an apple tree, and sculptures of olive trees celebrate our interdependency on the Earth and its species.

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Aida Mahmudova

The exhibition’s Laboratory, hosted by IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action), further reinforces our connection to our environment, especially Vita Vitale’s own immediate environment. Located only a few steps from the Grand Canal, and drawing inspiration from Venice’s ecological concerns, the IDEA Laboratory convenes scientists, artists, and designers to spark dialogue about synthesising our technological capabilities and our living realm.

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Sayyora Muin

At a time when the human race increasingly consumes and jettisons natural resources and manmade products, the collective voices of Vita Vitale’s artists and scientists resonate throughout Ca’Garzoni.They challenge us to confront the potential dangers of ignoring the messages that Vita Vitale conveys, while simultaneously suggesting creative tools and ideas for securing ‘all the world’s futures.’

A must see strong selection of works in a beautiful pavilion on the Grand Canal.

Featured Image: Khalil Chishtee