‘All Writers Have a Tiny Ego-Child Inside’ – Our Editor in Chief in Primal Magazine

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Our friends at Primal Magazine recently featured an interview Daniel David Gothard did with our Editor in Chief Claire Meadows.

Claire’s third poetry collection, To The Lions, was published by Dagda Publishing in September 2014.

In the Primal Magazine exclusive, Claire tells Daniel about her quest for truth and what she makes of ‘art for art’s sake’

What Inspires Your Work?

A desire for the truth. My own and everyone else’s. I’ll let you know when I find it.

What Do You Consider to Be Your Greatest Artistic Achievement to Date and Why?

Having beyond the Valley of the Dolls icon John LaZar say (on reading my first book Gold After) that I was as good as Ginsberg. That was pretty big for me.

What is Your View of ‘Art For Art’s Sake’?

It depends on the motive. I’m wary of the overt pursuit of capital in creation. We can all point at artists, and artworks that carry the sulphuric stench of cynicism. That’s ugly as hell.

Needless vanity breeds mediocrity. Mediocrity unchallenged fuels needless vanity. At some point that cycle has to break. Unfortunately the break doesn’t happen often enough, and the cycle continues, taking the length of our attention span away with it. It’s not the only casualty.

How we perceive art is always going to be open to a million interpretations. All I know is that when I discover a musician, a writer, a painter, a sculptor that sets me alight inside, I feel like a child at Christmas. Dig deeper.

Do You Feel Your Work Needs An Audience to Be Complete?

All writers, regardless of what they say, have a tiny ego-child inside desperate for a little tickle under the chin.

Do You Work Best Alone or In Collaboration?

The creation is personal so I prefer to be alone. The adaptation, and seeing the beauty of what happens when your vision meets someone else’s over the barrel of your own creation, can be magical.

What Advice Would You Give To A Writer Starting Out in Your Field?

Endure. Long after they’ve slammed the door in your face. And absorb everything.

What Are You Working on at the Moment?

In truth, Issue 7 of After Nyne Magazine.  And trying to coax book four out of hiding.

Who or What is Your Greatest Influence and Why?

Three very different men. For three very different reasons. But that’s all I’m saying about that.

Take a look at her book here.