Graceful..Otherworldly..Anouska Beckwith’s Solo Show Launches in New York

Three Squares Studio is proud to present the first New York solo exhibition to come from Parisian-based photographer Anouska Beckwith.

Transcendence features never-before-seen works from new series featuring British songbird Flo Morrissey, alongside photographs from Beckwith’s travels throughout rural Italy and Spain, Normandy, Ibiza, Paris and London.

The power of the feminine and reverence for nature are prominent themes throughout Beckwith’s work. There is a pensive softness present within her photographs, which depict an ethereal world recalling the paintings of the Romantics and early Surrealist photography.

The works in Transcendence explore the seductive powers of Mother Nature, and carry deep undertones investigating the human relationship to the greater cosmos. In juxtaposition with her natural subjects and landscapes, Beckwith pushes the boundaries of photographic convention through color-treatments: painting into, over-exposing and reworking her images for dreamlike effect.

Beckwith’s mammoth landscapes highlight the fragility of human existence, the artist herself describing the natural world as “miraculous yet terrifying” in its power to create disaster. This consideration of mortality emerges in Beckwith’s work with images delving into reincarnation, an omnipresence throughout her practice.

Beckwith’s work takes her on “vision quests” to extraordinary locations, for example the series Eternity in the Garden of Sacrifice, taken in a dramatic, ecclesiastic rock formation in Atlantis, Ibiza and driven by the Buddhist belief that humans – after they breathe their last breath – will wander the desert for 49 days to be judged before rebirth.

Meanwhile in Beckwith’s most recent series featuring muse Flo Morrissey, she incorporates gold leaf and delicate butterfly wings, a renowned emblem for transformation. The artist’s muses emerge, like her, as spiritual young women with striking pre-Raphaelite composures, often appearing to meld with their organic environments.

Unusually featuring both male and female figures is Dance Me Till the End of Time, which sees two nudes walk away from the camera, hand in hand, across a barren rock-face. These isolated figures could be the last two souls left upon a ravaged Earth, yet the piece inspires thoughts of love and companionship; Beckwith describes her artistic thought process as “swinging like a pendulum from the positive left to the right, where I consider where the world is going and death is present.” Beckwith’s graceful, otherworldly oeuvre inspires a sense of peace and acceptance, and highlights our intrinsic part within the world’s natural cycle.

Anouska Beckwith is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Paris. Born in England, she spent her early years travelling, driven by a search for the mystical. After graduating from Speos Photographic Institute in 2012, Beckwith went on to form World Wide Women, a collective of female artists. Their 2014 show RITUAL, at London’s Cob Gallery was celebrated as “a riveting” and “groundbreaking exhibition,” a “poignant”, “magnificent” and “fascinating collection of photographs.”

Beckwith has been featured in: Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine, ID, Aesthetica Magazine, Vogue (UK), Grazia, Teen Vogue USA, Harper’s Bazaar (Brazil, England, Japan), Elle Magazine (UK ), Marie Claire, Luxx Magazine, Tatler, ES Magazine, Hotel Costes Magazine, The Untitled Magazine, Virditas (Magpie Magazine) & Science Occultes . Her work is widely collected privately and publicly.

Three Squares Studio is an art gallery and hair salon founded in 2009 by Jordan Blackmore and Andi Potamkin. The concept space combines beauty and fine art, with seasonally rotating art exhibitions mirroring the seasons and is heralded by W Magazine as “the hangout for fashion insiders”.

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(Image: Chrysallis II, 2015)