After Nyne’s Spotlight Is On Fashion Blogger Cedric ‘Le French Boy’

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Roland Mouret

In the latest in our After Nyne Spotlights’ series, we were delighted to spend time with Cedric, chief blogger at Le French Boy, to chat about his planned fashion film.

With ‘Le French Boy’, Cedric, a young french fashion blogger, wants to break to rules and do things differently while keeping the main function of the fashion film : crossing fashion, music and cinema.

The short-film, still in the making, will be available mid-May on the blog of the same name and on Youtube. The shooting will be located in Marseille, France. The city was chosen for its unusual landscapes, sometimes unknown, and will be shot in places far away from clichés.

The film tells the story of a young man who is exploring the outside world. In its own way, with craziness, without caring about the reality that surrounds him. Expect voguing and lots of outfit changes. Marseille is burning.

Cedric what’s the aim of your upcoming film?

I really want to show that fashion films doesn’t belong only to big brands and fashion magazines. Too often bloggers are referred to the kind of people who take selfies and go to shows just to take freebies.

I want to prove that you don’t have to know everyone in fashion to pull out a project like that. Finally I also want people to see something different to what they usually see, as the film won’t be shot in Paris or in London but in a city from the south of France called Marseille. The place is not knows at all for fashion but there’s a huge creative hub and audience there.

Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations right now are everything related to the ball culture in NY in the 90s. We’re living times where no one have fun the way people used to these days. Otherwise, my icons include Donatella Versace (expect some Versace fabulousness in the film!) and Georgio Moroder. I’m listening to lot of disco these days so I guess it’ll have a bit of influence on the project.

Have you always wanted to go into film making?

I wouldn’t say always, but for a long time. It’s just I never really had the time or the chance to think seriously about it.

Who is the ideal audience for the film?

The whole fashion industry !  Honestly, I don’t have a specific audience, I want to reach everyone who likes entertainment and good fashion.

Where are you planning on showing it?

It will be released on Youtube so everyone will be able to see it the minute it’s out!

Are you looking for people to get involved?

If any brands or businesses want to partner they should send an email at as I am willing to accept product placements in exchange of visibility given to the project.



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