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The After Nyne team recently spent a truly memorable evening at ICEBAR LONDON. It’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced a very good way.

ICEBAR LONDON is designed by ice artist Jens Thoms Ivarsson and created by a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors, using fresh ice from the Torne River, Northern Sweden, a source highly regarded for its unique purity.

Each new design is built on the tradition of the ground-breaking innovation and style for which ICEBAR LONDON has become famous.

2015 sees ICEBAR LONDON celebrate its 10th birthday. The incredible designs are changed annually and the current theme is all about ‘Frozen Food’ with crystal clear cupcakes, frozen fruit and a hipster food truck carved from ice.

Although attention is always centred on these themed motifs, every block of the hand-selected ice is unique, revealing natural contours that enthral visitors and form phenomenal works of art. Over the last ten years, themes have included ‘Frozen Architecture’ and ‘Galactic Frontiers’.

ICEBAR LONDON is truly an immersive experience where everything, even the glasses, is made from ice harvested from the pristine winter wonderland of Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden. Jens Thoms Ivarsson and his team are obsessed with using ice to transform everyday products into something extraordinary.

As well as creating this amazing bar and the world’s largest ICEHOTEL, Jens has even worked with ICEHOTEL to create catwalks for Chanel.

Matthieu Bourgogne, General Manager of ICEBAR LONDON says,

‘10 years from first opening its doors and ICEBAR LONDON is now firmly established as a permanently frozen feature on any list of iconic London venues. During this time we’ve created 14 incredible themed bars with the talented team from ICEHOTEL, imported and displayed over 1000 tonnes of beautifully pure ice from the Torne River in Northern Sweden, and welcomed over 1.8 million guests through our doors for a -5˚C ice cocktail experience.’

Conveniently located within the chic Heddon Street Food Quarter, a visit inside the -5°C ICEBAR LONDON is a memorable experience. Visits to ICEBAR LONDON are in 40-minute time slots when you will be given a designer thermal cape with a hood and gloves.

Visitors can then warm up at ICEBAR LONDON’s lounge and restaurant, offering great cocktails, a light snack or sit-down meal with a wide selection of modern British dishes. The innovative seasonal menu is priced to cater for all budgets.


31-33 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BN


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